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William McIntyre, better known as Macca, a character first introduced in The Sacrifice, is a member of Ed's crew who ventures into the "No-go zone", in order to find Small Sam's younger sister.

Macca is written as a loud-mouthed boy, who has a sense of humor similar to Kyle's. He is an archer and wields a crossbow like Will. Macca was also part of the Tower Guard Regiment.

The Sacrifice

In The Sacrifice, Macca is introduced as a member of Ed's crew, who ventures into the No-go zone. Macca wields a crossbow and written to be the hotheaded and impulsive one out of the archers.

The Hunted

When Ed and his crew arrive at the Natural History Museum, they learn that Ella had set off with Maeve, Robbie and two younger kids to start a new life; Sam, determined to find his sister insists he go on the trip with them, but is denied. Ed and his crew barter for a car from Ryan Aherne and they all cram in; Ed, Macca, Will, Trinity, Brooke and Lewis, minus Will who drops out of the trip to aid Einstein in his lab to make room for the others.

On this trip, Macca constantly bickers with Brooke, throwing flirtatious insults at Brooke, but goes overboard on one - the car falls silent, and from then on, Brooke decides to play around with him as well.

Brooke later regrets this, as Macca later dies from an infection from a father's bite, who was waiting on the roof of the retirement home. Macca dies in Brooke's presence, telling her about his past life and confessing his secrets before dying in bed.

Macca's real name is William McIntyre, but in the past, his mother called him Billy.


Ed Carter - Ed was the team leader in the No-go zone expedition. Ed is not likely close friends with Macca, as he did not try to warn Macca when Brooke began to lead him on, however, he did trust Macca on missions.

Will - Will is a fellow bow-and-arrow yielder, and is written to be the more level-headed and have more temperance of the two. Will keeps him in check, as well as the rest of the team with his level-headed approach to situations and intelligence. Will was not present on the car trip to find Ella.

Brooke - When Macca was lying in the retirement home's bed, Brooke stayed with him as he uttered his secrets and memories of his past life. While they did not get along at first, Brooke mourned his death and even produced a small gravestone for him with an engraved "Billy" on it. She buried him in the retirement home's backyard.