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Akkie (left) and Will (right) artist: marcofelixed on tumblr

Will is a character who first appears in The Sacrifice and is a member of Ed's crew who ventures into the "No-go zone" in order to find Small Sam's younger sister; Ella.

Will is described as an intelligent and level-headed archer, who picks up on small details and who Ed often looks to for insight.

The Sacrifice

In The Sacrifice, Will is introduced as a member of Ed's crew, who venture into the No-go zone. Will yields a crossbow, and is written to "have good eyesight" and be the more sensible one out of him and Macca. Will was also part of the Tower Guard Regiment.

The Hunted

In The Hunted, Will stays behind with Einstein in the lab at the Natural History Museum when Ed and his volunteer crew venture to find Small Sam's younger sister, Ella, in the countryside.


Ed Carter - Ed was the team leader in the No-go zone expedition. Will respects Ed, but is not considered close friends with him.

Macca - Macca is a fellow bow-and-arrow yielder and is written to be the more impulse-ridden and hot-headed of the two archers. Will keeps him in check, as well as the rest of the team with his level-headed approach to situations and intelligence.

Achilleus - It is hinted in The End when Achilleus reveals he is gay, that he and Will get together.