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"Don't forget so soon what it was really like back at Waitrose. It was hell. There was one less of us nearly every week."
— Members of the Waitrose crew died very often.[2]

The Waitrose crew was a group of kids who lived in the Waitrose on Holloway road. They were considered to be good fighters compared to the kids living further south in central London.


The Waitrose kids formed up in the early days of the disease, all looking for food at the supermarket. There was initially a large number of kids, possibly as many as 70,[3] but their numbers were slowly brought down due to the dangerous area they lived in.

After a year, there were only 20 kids left.[4] Lila, Big Sam, Johnno, Eve and Mohammed had all died in the months prior. A few hours before Jester arrived at Waitrose, they lost two more. Small Sam was taken by sickos who broke into the parking lot, and Deke was dragged underwater by sickos in the Archway Leisure Centre.

That night, the kids, along with the Morrisons crew were persuaded by Jester to leave their home and move to Buckingham Palace. The two groups joined together, forming the Holloway crew. The only kid to remain was Callum, who was too scared to leave Waitrose.



The Waitrose crew was home to a team of skilled fighters, who went on daily scavenging expeditions to find food.


The skirmishers were ranged fighters lead by Ollie. They chose to ranged weapons, instead of fighting in close quarters.





Morrisons crew

The only other group of kids in the area was the Morrisons crew, who lived in the Morrisons round the corner. The two groups tried to avoid each other, but their close proximity and lack of food meant they sometimes clashed.

Both groups eventually merged to form the Holloway crew, where they got on fairly well.

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