The Enemy: Fanfiction - Chapter 1 The Cinema

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"Rosie, come on," said the tall girl, dragging a teary-eyed child behind her. "But mummy will come back, I swear!" The older girl half-smiled at Rosie, and hugged her close. "Mummy isn't coming back for a long time, Rosie," whispered the girl. Clenching her old, worn out Teddy bear, Rosie followed behind her older sister, still mumbling about her mum. The girl lead her to a cinema, coated in dust and soot. "It's me, Victoria, let me in," said the older sister, banging on the door. It opened with a creak, revealing a short, young boy, with greasy hair and holding a knife in his trembling hand. "Is there any news of what happened to Danny?" asked Victoria. "Carl went out earlier today with a search party. They said they found some of his body along with all the food not too far away from the Greenhouse." "Did one of the baddies get him?" Rosie said, shaking. The boy nodded. "Thanks, Harry," said Victoria, taking Rosie inside. The cinema was on a quiet street, not too far away from Victoria's home. Inside Gabby, the cook on duty, was quietly cutting up two carrots for some soup. About 20 kids lived in the cinema, and everyone was always busy. Jesse, who lead the pack of kids, was attempting to screw in a lightbulb. "Did you find anything?" Jesse asked Victoria, noticing the package in her hand. "Yeah. Some tea bags, four cans of kidney beans and a lot more rice." Rosie ran up to her mattress. 11 mattresses were lined up along the back of the cinema, behind the red velvet seats. Even though the cinema needed a little bit of a clean, it was still nearly new. Suddenly, a kid burst through the door, almost Knocking over Harry. "Some Adults are coming down the street - Carl needs help!" For quiet street, there was always something going on.

/Yes, I know, Adults are kind of like Grown-Ups. I didnt copy, I made up a couple names, but none suited, so Adults is now the official name for the Zombies from this groups point of view. to me, this chapter is just to introduce you to a couple new characters. And yes, I can say that Victoria and Rosie are basically the characters I'll be focusing on. I hope you enjoyed!/

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