The Enemy: Fanfiction - Prologue

The Meat

The mother stood outside, sniffing the air. She clenched a blunt knife in her hand. The boils bubbled on her skin, oozing out a yellow slime. Brown spit trickled down her chin as she smelled the raw scent of meat. Moving meat, the type she and her army had been tracking down over the months the disease had struck. She could hear them whispering inside the caravan, their voices hinged with fear. A smile crawled across her cracked lips.

"Their out there, you know!" a croaky male voice said.

"I can hear them." a young girl squealed.

"I know, I know!" a older female whispered.

"Maybe we should attack-"

Right at that moment, the mother layed all her weight against the glass door. The glass smashed, and the kids screamed, throwing all their weapons against the army. The mother snarled, and pushed a girl away as she smacked a spade against her head. At least four of the kids fell down in an instant. The rest yelled and pushed past the diseased adults, finally getting out into the caravan park and running away into the streets. Some of the adults ran after them, but the lead mother told them to stop. Three more kids had been stopped when they pushed past the adults. Seven bodies. That was enough for tonight. The mother dragged away a body of an overweight male around the age of thirteen and a young girl, leaving the four other bodies for her army. They immediatly started to rip open the corpses, blood and guts sprawling over the place. The mother inched her way over to the darkest part of the caravan. She will get those children. Those moving meats. They mocked her, dancing in the streets with their fresh faces in the sunlight, while the rest of them, adults like her, were diseased, with parts of their bodies hanging off them.

"Mmm..." she mumbled.

"Mm.. Meeat..."

She would wait for the meat.

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