Hey there, MetroTech here. I'm a great fan of The Enemy series, if not the biggest fan, then the second biggest. I wanna know your guys' favorite and least favorite moments of the series, of every book even. Keep it within the first four books. The Enemy, The Dead, The Fear, and The Sacrifice. I'll give you mine; Favorite(s):The Dead: The Battle of Lambeth Bridge. The Enemy: Achilleus and Just John's fight. The Fear: I like a lot of parts in The Fear, but Chapters 59 and 60 make up my favorite part. The Sacrifice: Probably When Ed's crew is going from The Cathedral to the other side of the Millennium Footbridge. That or when Shadowman kills Bluetooth. Least Favorite(s):The Dead: Bam and Jack's deaths. The Enemy: Jester picking up DogNut's katana, just makes me sick. The Fear: The end of my favorite part, when Marco, Felix, and Courtney are dead; and then DogNut (my favorite character) dies in Brookes arms as they're being saved by The Holloway crew. The Sacrifice: When Ed finds out DogNut made it to The Natural History Museum, and plans on going there expecting to find his friend DogNut. Just breaks my heart. Well there you go guys, what're yours? Likes and Dislikes.

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