Clayton was scavenging the shopping centre for supplies, alone which he knew was a stupid idea since the shopping centre was full of the grown-ups who once looked after them, fed them and even sometimes breastfeed them if they were too young, were gone.

They were turned into horrible deformed cannibalistic creatures who would eat anything on sight, cats, dogs, children, themselves, you name it and this made them a big threat to Clayton and his friends who were living at the church to fend themselves off the grown-ups.

He was a 15 year old boy with pale skin, freckles and brown curly hair who always wore a black hoodie with an Nike Logo on it and was also blood stained with blood of grown-ups and even some kids who tried to attack him and his friends.

He carried a Nazi switchblade which he stole from a skinhead grown-up which would sometimes scare the little kids and confuse the older kids who didn't know where he got the knife from, which was pretty funny how they will react, also he carried a bloodstained cricket bat which he found useful against the grown up more than the switchblade since blunt weapons do good against the grown-up's heads, the switchblade was mainly for the animals or cutting meat of dead dogs or other animals that have gone feral by this bloody infection.

Clayton felt safe with his cricket bat, how it would fend off the grown ups who tried to eat him and the kids who tried to loot him, he actually felt safe with it, once a kid named Terrance who was with his group told of rumours about other kids living at buckingham palace and that there were no grown-ups there, which Clayton didn't belive at all and just took it as myth and tales.

While he was exploring the shopping centre he found a can of beans, a pack of water, orange juice and milkshakes, this was his lucky score, all he needed to find was Milk and some bread which will feed the whole group, which were quit small to other groups such as the kids at buckingham palace, which was obvious.

The church consisted of 15 people, 3 medics, 1 engineer, 4 lookouts, 2 guards, 4 scavengers and 1 leader who was named Lucas who was an influential figure but a bit too obsessed with his leadership role, the 2 guards were too little kids who played games they weren't suppose to play and carried two BB guns, they were named Charlie and Carrie.

The 3 medics were Gerald, Terrance and Karen, the engineer was Jacob, the 4 lookouts were Lenny, Kenny, Helen and Derrick and the 4 scavengers were Clayton, Marcel and two kids who didn't say their names since their parents died, all they did was nod and shout "Hey!".

That was them, the church group, but rumours had it that another 25 are coming, but that was only a rumour said by Terrance who always spread rumours around the church.

Clayton was aware of his surroundings, but after getting everything he was off guard, he was helpless at this moment and when the adults got the chance they came.

A fat mother, a slim father and two other fathers came and grabbed onto Clayton like a monkey swooping a banana of a tree straight away.

They got Clayton, he was scared and he tried to reach to his cricket bat but he couldnt, all he could rely on was his knife.

Then suddenly he grabbed his knife, and cut the hands that was covering his entire mouth in an instant, which scared the mother and let her grip off him.

The mother made a scream and jumped back, falling onto the other fathers, which made Clayton laugh since the mother looked like Vicky Pollard from the show little britain.

But he underestimated the adults, more came behind him and tredded on him before he could even react to them.

All you could hear were muffled shouts from Clayton with words like "Get off me you bastards! You son's of bitches!"

After a minute of screaming, it attracted the attention of another group of kids who came in but they were too late..

Nobody was there, not a trace, the adults took Clayton away to who knows where, maybe another church or another house, maybe even another shopping centre.

A boy named Eulogy crouched and then said "Poor kid, was tooken away."

<<Im gonna do more of this soon, maybe tommorow, hoped you enjoyed it for now, only the first part anyways so don't expect it to be too good.>>

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