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Tomoki Ford is a character who first appears in The Fear, as the former leader of the Tower of London, before Jordan Hordern took over.

The Fear

In Jordan Hordern's explanation to DogNut and his crew in their reunion during The Fear, Hordern explains how Tomoki Ford was asleep when Jordan and his crew arrived in the night looking for a new place to live; Jordan, upon seeing the poorly-guarded state and Tomoki's lack of care and precision to the fortified building decides to take over. Jordan easily overpowers Tomoki, who is still drowsy from being woken up in the night and Tomoki is then bumped down in rank. Jordan Hordern then runs the Tower of London like a military camp.

Tomoki is described as a boy of oriental features, lank and half-Japanese and American.

The Sacrifice

In The Sacrifice, it is confirmed Tomoki had become one of Jordan's captains, as Captain of the Tower Watch.


Jordan Hordern - The Tower of London was originally run by Tomoki, but Jordan Hordern seized command once he arrived, running the Tower like a military camp.