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The following is an estimated timeline of the entire Enemy series. The chronological order of the books overlap and there are some inconsistencies in dates but the order is generally The Dead, The Fear, The Enemy, The Fallen, The Sacrifice, The Hunted and then The End, with several of the books overlapping in events.

The Enemy is published in 2009 so it can be estimated that the series takes place in 2008 although some references of pop culture are dated after 2008. The discovery of the disease in South America take place 15-16 years prior to the active emergence of the disease, placing it's discovery in 1992. The Twisted Kids would be born 9 months later. DogNut sets out for the Natural History Museum in spring, presumably March or early April based on the weather that was described with the mornings being described as frosty. It is also started that it is just slightly over a year since the disease broke out. The Natural History Museum kids celebrate World Book Day in the beginning of The Fallen, which is celebrated April 23, putting it roughly in an accurate timeline. Therefore, we can assume the first case of the disease started sometime February or March, 2008 in London, England.

Before the Books

1992 - Disease discovered in South American Inmathger tribe by Promithios scientists, they are then infected.

1992 / 1993 - Twisted Kids are born, the Disease bends the minds of their parents so they cover-up their births.

February / March 2008 - First case of disease outbreak, it is presumed to be a simple cold or flu.

Unknown - CDC, Promithios, and other health organizations recognize the Disease, before most, if not all, of their researchers are infected.

February / March / April - Supplies dwindling, ports and airports closed, internet taken down, schools closed. The Scared Kid video is posted on YouTube where it remains for 1 month before being taken down. The next day the entire YouTube server is down. The day after that the entire internet is down. Rioting and gangs control the cities, the United Nations, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the Shanghai Co-operation Organization, and multiple militaries attempt to quarantine infection hot-spots, before being presumably destroyed by rival groups or infected. A large number of sickos patrol the streets in daylight while Riot Police, S.W.A.T., National Guard, and Special Forces fight back.

Unknown - Most organizations and militaries around the world have either been destroyed or compromised.

(Several characters have flashbacks or remember a time before the disease but none of the flashbacks are integral to the plot.)

During the Books

The Dead

(Just over 1 year before the beginning of The Enemy. 3 weeks since electricity has been out and 3-4 weeks of infected London.)

Day 1 - Ed kills Mr. Hewitt with Jack and plans to leave with the other Rowhurst boys.

Day 2 - Weather is described as grey, windy, and drizzling. It has been 10 days since Mad Matt has been at his church. Rowhurst kids leave school, the boys are attacked at the Fez, Greg rescues the boys with his bus, Greg kills Liam at night.

Day 3 - Still raining, the kids escape the bus and arrive at the Imperial War Museum.

Day 4 - Weather is described as sunny and windy. There is a fire in the distance, the kids find the Tesco truck, Frederique goes crazy and is locked up, Ed, Jack, and Bam find the Oval, Greg attacks and Bam dies, Ed and Jack find Jack's house, Jack dies.

Day 5 - The weather is windy and the fires from the east and south is getting closer. David's boys join Ed on his way back to the Imperial War Museum, the kids leave the museum because of the fire, the kids get stuck at Lambeth Bridge and fight the sickos, Ed's group, Brooke's group, David's group, and Mad Matt's group get separated to later become the different colonies of kids; Ed and Jordan take over The Tower of London from Tomoki, presumably David takes over Buckingham Palace from Rose and Jester's group, Brooke and Justin take over Robbie's group at the Natural History Museum and Mad Matt claims St. Paul's Cathedral.

One year later - DogNut looks over the Thames and plans to leave in search of Brooke.

The Fear

(Five days before Sam finds Ed at the Tower.)

Day 1 - The night before going on his journey to the centre of London DogNut has a bad dream about Leo's death, meanwhile the Collector kills kids.

Day 2 - The weather is sunny. DogNut's group leave by boat along the Thames, their boat sinks just next to Parliament and they meet Nicola's group at the Palace of Westminster, they also encounter Carl, Ryan and Gym Bunnies save DogNut's group and give them better directions, Shadowman sees The Hunters and new kids, Paddy is at the camp on St. James's Park, Shadowman talks to Jester about the new kids and they plan, DogNut's group arrives at Buckingham Palace and escape, Ryan thinks he has killed all the Gym Bunnies, delivers a letter to David from Nicola (?), arrives and leaves Natural History Museum an hour before DogNut, St. James's kids hold a party, Olivia dies at the Collector's house that night, the rest of the group gets to the Natural History Museum, St. George kills three girls and tortures one girl in Emirates Stadium.

Day 3 / Day 1 of The Enemy - The weather grows dark and cloudy at noon. Jester and crew set out north in search of other kids, Jester leaves Shadowman for dead, Alfie dies, The Hunters join the Natural History Museum kids to kill the Collector after being more west, DogNut and crew kill the Collector, the kids are introduced to the sickos held in the Tesco truck, Paul freaks out about his sister's death (several days since he was bitten), Jester finds the kids in Holloway, DogNut and Courtney talk, Shadowman is captured and escapes Emirates Stadium.

Day 4 / Day 2 of The Enemy - DogNut and crew stay later than intended to write about themselves in Chronicles of Survival, Shadowman follows the Fear, sees Holloway fight and then sees Tom and Kate die, Jester and Holloway Crew are by Regent's park, Gym Bunnies' lead mother finds sunglasses.

Day 5 / Day 3 of The Enemy - DogNut's group is returning to Tower but are attacked near Green Park tube, Holloway kids save Brooke but DogNut and Courtney die, Nicola and David form and alliance, the Holloway Crew arrive at Buckingham Palace.

Day 6 / Day 4 of The Enemy / Day 1 of Geeks vs. Zombies - Alternative date for Sam to arrive at Tower.(?)

Day 7 / Day 5 of The Enemy / Day 2 of Geeks vs Zombies / Day 1 of The Fallen - Holloway Crew attack squatters at St. James's Park, Callum dies back in Waitrose, Shadowman watches St. George attack Waitrose, Paul runs to Buckingham Palace, the Holloway kids escape Buckingham Palace, Paul kills Jamie and lets the sickos free at Natural History Museum, World Book Day celebration (April 23?) interrupted by sicko attack, Holloway Crew arrive at Natural History Museum that night, Sam arrives at Tower(?).

Day 8 - Shad attacked by Fear.(?)

Day 9 - Shad attacked by Fear.(?)

The Enemy

Day 1 / Day 3 of The Fear - The weather is sunny. Arran's group scavenges by the pool and is attacked, Small Sam is taken, Sam sets fire to the Emirate Stadium and escapes, Jester arrives in Holloway.

Day 2 / Day 4 of The Fear - Holloway Crew join together and leave for centre of town, Kensington fire, Sophie shoots Arran in the chest and he dies, monkeys from zoo attack kids in Regent's Park, cloudy moonless night.

Day 3 / Day 5 of The Fear - Weather described as sunny. Holloway Crew stop at Selfridges, Sam is captured by Bank station cannibals, Holloway Crew save Brooke and arrive at Buckingham Palace, rain overnight.

Day 4 / Day 6 of The Fear / Day 1 of Geeks vs Zombies - Rained last night but sunny now, Holloway Crew meet royal zombies.

Day 5 / Day 7 of The Fear / Day 2 of Geeks vs Zombies / Day 1 of The Fallen - Weather is thunder and rain. Holloway Crew attack Squatters, Kid helps Small Sam escape from cannibals, rain stops, Sophie and her crew leave Buckingham Palace, Just John and Akkie fight, Callum killed, Ed finds Sam and The Kid, Holloway Crew escape Buckingham Palace and arrive at the Natural History Museum.

The Fallen

(28 seconds after end of The Enemy and same time as The Sacrifice.)

Day 1 / Day 5 of The Enemy / Day 7 of The Fear / Day 2 of Geeks vs Zombies - Holloway Crew leave Buckingham Palace and arrive at Natural History Museum, World Book celebration (April 23?), Paul bitten by Simon Foul two weeks ago.

Day 2 - Holloway Crew first day at Natural History Museum.

Day 3

Day 4 / Day 1 of The Sacrifice(?) -

Day 5 / Day 2 of The Sacrifice - Weather is described as raining. Einstein and Blue begin expedition to Promithios.

Day 6 / Day? of the Sacrifice - Second day of expedition, half of kids on expedition stay behind at church, Blue's group discovers Twisted Kids at Promithios warehouse, rains at night, Maxie sees Paul at night.

Day 7 / Day? of The Sacrifice - Church burns down, Ollie rescues Lettis, kids and Twisted Kids return from expedition.

Day 8 / Day?+1 of The Sacrifice - Sam at Tower, Blue recovering.

Day 9 / Day?+2 of The Sacrifice - Sam arrives at St. Paul's, Blue recovering.

Day 10 / Day?+3 of The Sacrifice - Ella and friends plot to go west, thunder and rain at night, Paul leaves the Museum and goes to Buckingham Palace.

Day 11 / Day 1 of The Hunted - Ella and group leaves for the countryside, Ed arrives, night of Monkey Island attack.

The Sacrifice

(8 days after The Fear. Sam has been at the Tower for a few days.)

Day 1 - Brendan exiled.

Day 2 - Tower kids save Tish, Shadowman is watching Fear.

? a couple days?

Day?+1 / Day 8 of The Fallen - (been about 3 weeks since Sam last saw Ella), Sam plans escape from Tower.

Day?+2 / Day 9 of The Fallen - Shadowman in car crash with Jaz, Sam leaves Tower and arrives at St. Paul's Cathedral.

Day?+3 / Day 10 of The Fallen - Ed to Parliament and Cathedral, Greenman leaves Cathedral. Shadowman saved by Tower kids that night.

The Hunted

(About 1 month ? Full of inconsistencies. The claim that Malik's story goes back 19 days to the day Ed leaves doesn't make sense. Ed's group is in countryside less than 19 days and it throws the timeline out of balance trying to work him in??)

Day 1 / Day 11 of The Fallen - Monkey island attack, Ed arrives at museum.

Days? - Ed waiting for hunters to find car, does trade with Ryan and Shadowman.

Day?+1 - Ed leaving museum in search of Ella, swarmed by highway sickos, Macca bitten, arrive at Beeches, spend 5 days at Beeches.

Days 2-4 - Ed's crew waiting for Macca to heal at Beeches.

Day 5 - Macca dies, drive into Slough and meet Arbour Vale kids, night of blood moon, Sophie rescues and brings to Ascot.

Days 6-15 - Many days of Ella screaming, one day Ella recovers and follows Malik around farm, goes hunting in Legoland, weather is raining and misty and grey in morning. Ella sees other kids with Malik another day.

Day 16 - Bracknell kids join Ella and Malik, farm attacked by part of Medusa army.

Day 17 - Day after attack, Malik and Ella move to hole. Ed spending time at Ascot?

Day 18 - Malik plan to leave hole.

Day 19 - Malik captured by Windsor (Timeline changes to Ed's perspective claiming it's 19 days earlier. - see Day?+1-).

Day 20 - Ella at Windsor.

Day 21 - Malik sold to Maidenhead / 3 days kids arriving at races from Ed's point of view.

Day 22 - Ascot Races, converging point of Ed and Ella and Malik stories.

Day 23 / Day 9 of The End? - Day after races, return to Beeches, Mr. 3 hears attack.

The End

(Takes place same time as part of The Hunted.)

Day 1 - Hunters at Serpentine, Shadowman shows Jester sickos and goes to IKEA, Sam is discovered to be the cure, cure mum is caught.

? - word spreads about sicko army throughout center of London.

Day (?) 2 - Weather is warm and half cloudy. Cure mum dies after being injected with Sam's blood, first Parliament meeting, Ryan goes to Tower.

Day 3 - Jordan planning, Hunters at Tower, Victoria and Albert museum is set up to host kids.

Day 4 - Jordan into town, second meeting, kids move into Victoria and Albert Museum and Westminster Abby.

Day 5 - Shadowman, Ben and Bernie look for bombs, Shadowman sleeps at Trafalgar, Mr. Three broadcasts signal.

Day 6 - Shadowman at Parliament and talks with Nicola about David.

Day 7 - Shadowman to Natural History Museum, Shadowman to Abby, Blood moon.

Day 8 - Medusa army marches in, Charlotte and Zulficker die.

Day 9 - Third meeting, more sickos incoming, Jordan takes Paddy's dog, Paul talks to St. George, Shadowman to Saif then cinema to spy on the Fear, The Fear moves out, seagulls in sky, battle starts.

Battle: - Army gets weapons and goes to Hyde.

- Kids waiting, single white cloud, bird call, David offer, Paul makes army bow heads, Ryan sees from Park Lane.

- Paddy dies, hunters arrive 20 minutes later.

- John and Carl strut, Hayden brings news of Paddy's death, Jackson to museum, horns and cheers, royal family heads army, sickos advance.

- Fishface's SOS, Akkie and Einstein fight.

- Launch projectiles, let in and kill X3.

- Wormwood, Twisted Kids and Boggle join battle.

- David on speaker, Paul attacks weak spot, sickos get inside, cloud across sky, Maxie and Blue kill Bolt, Fishface starts to scramble.

- Late in day, Medusa shouts back, St. George hits her, sickos retreat for night, David offers.

- Jordan to museum and convinces Akkie, hunters to Westminster then Dorchester, Nicola shot.

Day 10 - misty morning, sunny day, kids waking, washing, burning, moving wounded.

- Ryan learns of Nicola's death and leads Westminster kids to battle.

- Ryan and Akkie and Jackson attack from east, Matt from west, barricade kids with projectiles, Twisted kids all arrive, 9/10 car bombs from rear with Shadowman and Saif, seagulls.

- Kids deserting David, Shadow down Park Lane in search of Jester, Jester kills Paul.

- Squatters into Palace, David camp overrun, David and Jester die, Shadowman sees deaths, kills Medusa.

- Barricade overrun, Twisted kids pinned by lake, low bass grumble from army, Medusa's lack felt.

- Ed and Westerners arrive, horns, guns, horses, East kids form one army.

- Hayden killed, Ed fights St. George, Ryan loses hand.

- Continue killing, rest of Westerners arrive, people reflect on battle, Skinner dies.

- Ella and Sam reunited.