The Scared Kid was the nickname of a video which became the most watched YouTube clip of all time. It featured a kid whom was hiding from the sickos after his friends Danny and Eve had been killed. He is seen pleading for help and warning everyone about the Adults. After moving to his window with his camera to show the sickos, there's a loud crashing sound and the video ends.

When the disease first broke out, The Scared Kid was thought of as a prophet by the other kids. The video is thought to have been filmed during the last days before the sickness officially broke out as the Adults seen were probably some of the first Grown-ups to become infected with the disease. It is possible that two of the "three mothers and a father" are his parents. One month after its publishing, The Scared Kid video is taken down. The next day, the YouTube site is taken down. The third day after, the internet crashes.

In real life, there is an unofficial version of the video available on YouTube:

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