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The Kid appears in The Enemy, The Sacrifice, The Fallen and The End as Small Sam's sidekick. He plays a major role in Mad Matt's religion as The Goat - a trickster who tries to mislead Small Sam (The Lamb in Matt's religion) but in the real world, this does not happen.


The Kid never seems to talk about his parents, although he does reference his Uncle and his Granddad when he talks about music and Alberitch's cave. Not much is known about him.


The Kid is a wacky character, who speaks in riddles and plays on words such as "That's because I'm elemental, my dear Waterson". He seems to be very skilled, yet you wouldn't think it because the way he gibbers makes him seem insane. He often talks to himself. He also has great knowledge of underground places, this may relate to him being a lone explorer during his childhood but is unclear.


The Kid is described as having spiky hair, a women's leather jacket with no sleeves, a dress and tartan trousers. People comment on this and say that he's weird. Even when he washes, his hair stays straight up and spiky.


Small Sam

The Kid is loyal to Small Sam to the point that he relies on Sam to make all the decisions. They never want to be apart. The Kid says at many points in The Sacrifice that he'll go with what Small Sam says, such as when they leave the tower. They argue sometimes, in a friendly way.


She spoke to The Kid when she wasn't supposed to at the Cathedral. She quickly made friends with him and followed him when they escaped the Cathedral with Ed and others.