Words used for the infected adults Edit

Through out the entire series, the terminology of the infected adults roaming London plays a huge role in how the children perceive the adults. The most popular/used include:

  • Sickos - The term used by the Tower kids and the Natural History Museum kids. It was first coined by Greg in The Dead. Parliament voted it to be the universal term during the battle in The End.
  • Grown ups - The term used by the Holloway kids.
  • Mothers and Fathers - Another term used by the Holloway kids and some others. It was first coined by the Scared Kid in a YouTube video.
  • Strangers - The term used by the Buckingham Palace kids.
  • Bastards - The term used by The Hunters and Ryan Aherne.
  • Oppoes - Short for "The Opposition," it is the term used by the Westminster kids.
  • Nephilim - The term used by Mad Matt and the St. Paul's Cathedral kids. In the Bible, the Nephilim are giants born from the sons of god and the daughters of men.

Other terms such as the enemy, zomboids, zombies, adults and freaks have been used to describe the infected adults. Shadowman named St. George's army The Fear. Some adults such as Wormwood and St. George refer to themselves as "fallen angels living among the human beans" or "the Dragon Slayer."

Notable Adults with the DiseaseEdit

  • Nick
  • Rachel
  • Greg Thorne/St. George
  • Doctor Cattel
  • Mark Wormold/Wormwood