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A fan art of Small Sam and The Kid.

Small Sam is a major character in books The Enemy, The Sacrifice and The End and appears briefly - unidentified - at the end of The Dead, he also appears at the end of The Fallen. He noted he loves the Middle Ages, knights and the Lord of the Rings series.

The Enemy

He is taken by grown ups when they come over a low wall in the Waitrose supermarket which can't be seen by the crows nest. When Maxie and Josh come over to help, he is already gone and those at Holloway Road think he's dead.

However he is taken to a nest of grown ups to be eaten later at Arsenal Football Club. He waits for the grown ups to fall asleep and then attempts an escape. He takes a butterfly pin from a grown up's hair to use as a weapon and thinks of himself as Sam from the Lord of the Rings series, as he used to love watching the films. He wakes up the grown ups however, and has to run and battle his way out. During this he finds a lighter, and sets a grown up on fire.

The next day, he wakes up in a small house after finding shelter there during the night. When he wakes up he finds a bike with flat wheels. He tries to get back to Holloway on the bike while he is being chased by a gang of grown ups.  

When he gets back to Waitrose he is surprised to find no one at the gates and no one answering him. Little does he know almost all of them left for Buckingham Palace. Sam climbs through the gate just in time to escape the grown ups. Callum tells him where the others were heading and Sam goes on his way to Buckingham Palace.


However he is chased into the underground. When he is about to be killed by the grown ups, Nick, a cannibalistic adult, saves him by shooting the grown ups with a sawn-off shotgun. He takes him back to the train where he and his wife - Rachel - live in and will feed him, along with two twins which are nearly dead.

According to Rhiannon, Nick and his wife are cannibals, but Sam and Rhiannon are unable to save themselves. Luckily, The Kid shows up and saves them. Nick and Rachel, then, begin to chase the trio of escapees, where Rhiannon sacrifices herself to save Small Sam and the Kid.

When the two of them get to the surface, Nick continues to chase them, but Nick eventually dies due to sunlight exposure. The Kid and Sam, now a dynamic duo, travel across the "No-Go-Zone," and end up finding the Tower of London, where Ed Carter, Jordan, Kyle, DogNut and many others are holed-up. They are taken in by Ed at the Tower of London.

The Sacrifice

Sam along side The Kid appears in the Tower after he turns up there at the end of The Enemy and The Dead. He is at Brendan's trial. When he is found guilty Sam is shocked to hear the punishment and thinks Jordan Hordern may be be too strict. Brendan is then exiled from the Tower of London and later ends up at Mad Matt's Chapel in the "No-Go-Zone." Brendan, after he learns more about the religion, explains to Matt where he has seen the two figures of the religion at the Tower of London.

He asks Ed later to help him look for his sister Ella at Buckingham Palace. When Ed refuses as he says the Tower needs him, Sam gets disappointed but says he'll go anyway without him. Ed, realising that he might get hurt, tells him he'll go when DogNut returns (little does he know that DogNut is dead, which is explained in The Fear).

When Ed takes Sam on tour he tells him why people have been making sheep and goat impressions at The Kid and Sam. It's because they look somewhat like the kids of Mad Matt's old banner "The Lamb" and "The Goat".

While Sam and The Kid wait, Ed, Kyle, Hayden, Macca, Adele and Will, go on a scavenger party, where they find Tish, a follower of Matt's religion, is hidden in a building with sickos camping by the front door. Ed, who wants to save any innocent kid, makes a quick plan to rescue her, while keeping them all in a safe situation. While the rescue mission is in effect, Ed accidentally kills Tish's friend. He begins to feel very guilty, even though she was going to die anyway, and he thought she was a sicko, at the time he killed her.

Once Tish is rescued, the group returned to the Tower, and put Tish with Small Sam and The Kid, in a separated building, where all the newcomers stay. Tish tells Sam and The Kid that she can take them to the Buckingham Palace and can protect them on the journey. She devises a plan, while they are outside of the walls, to escape from the Tower. Tish burns a car so the guards will be distracted and then the three of them make their escape.

The three of them wander around in the no-go zone for a while until Sam complains he's tired and asks for a rest. Tish tells him that they have to keep going and Sam begins to have second thoughts about leaving without Ed. After a while they hear a clanging noise. They come across a large group of sickos which are clanging household items together. The begin to move through them slowly and silently as none of them are attacking however soon the sickos follow. The Kid starts to ramble on about Alberich's Cave until Sam tells him to shut up. This signals the sickos to attack. 

The Kid tells Sam that the cave he was on about is actually a tunnel and the kids escape down it. However as soon as they land they are chased by the sickos which live down there. They end up getting trapped between a gate and the sickos. Sam and The Kid kill a few of them while Tish calls for help. Soon Nathen appears and rescues them. They bring the boys to Saint Paul's where they meet Matt.

Matt tells the boys that he told Tish to get them over towards the Cathedral as he believes they are "The Lamb" and "The Goat" and because Brendan told them they was there. The boys are given a great feast but The Kid after talking with Charlotte is captured. Sam yells and screams for him to be let go but isn't allowed and is thrown in a cage.

When they are both under watch Sam asks to speak to him but Matt comes in an demands to know The Kid's name. When he is whipped and tells them his name is Angus Day, Matt throws both of them in a cage.

The Kid tells Sam he was trying to get out the cage by lying but ended up getting them both in there. They are taken down to be Sacrificed and when Matt asks which should be killed Sam says that he himself should so The Kid is instead, as "Only The Lamb would be pure enough to give himself up for another". However, The Kid knew Matt would do that.

When Ed comes in with his group Sam tells them what happened. They are taken down to see if The Kid is alive, when he isn't there Sam is happy as he thinks he's still alive.

When sickos attack the Cathedral Sam and the rest of Ed Carter's group retreat into a house where he is reunited with The Kid and also meets Wormwood.

When they battle over the bridge not much is seen of Sam but he survives as he is with the group when they meet Shadowman and rest in an old pub.


Sam is described by Ed as a very brave, very lucky person. He is also pretty loyal, as shown by when he risked his own life to try and save The Kid and try to see his sister. He is known for liking knights.


Sam is called small Sam because he is small. He is also descried regularly as looking like Mad Matt's made-up god "The Lamb." With fair hair and white skin, freckles, and often wearing light clothes.


Ella - Sam adores Ella, risking his life and his friendship with Ed Carter to see her. He also attempted to look after her for a lot of time even when he was too young to look after anyone properly.

Parents - He is regularly shown to be sad about their sickness, often daydreaming about them being, happy, on a deserted island, planning to rescue him and his sister.

Callum - When Sam returns to Waitrose, Callum half reluctantly is a bit too helpful in getting him to leave, causing Sam to be suspicious.

The Holloway Crew - Being what I call 'the lost member of the Holloway Crew' (after being captured but not killed by sickos) he respects most of them and has a good relationship likewise.

Ed - At first Sam was scared of Ed and his scar but he then grows to trust and like him. However he doesn't trust him about the plan to find his sister Ella.

The Kid - He is his best friend to the point of risking his life to save him and staying with him.