Rowhurst School was an all-boys boarding school in Kent, comprised of both a primary and a secondary school.[2]

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Rowhurst School was located in the small town bearing the same name, in Kent, 21 miles from Trafalgar Square as the crow flies.[3] The majority of the buildings were grand and Victorian, although there were a couple that remained from the 17th century. A black iron railing ran along the front of the premises. There was also a chapel which was built in the early 1800s.[1]

The school was separated into houses, including School House and Field House. Each house was fully furnished, including dormitories and kitchens.

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Rowhurst was founded in the early 17th century, and underwent major development in the mid 19th century.[1]

In the first weeks of the disease, Mr Hewitt took charge and helped the students. In early February, a week before the electricity went off, he organised phone calls between the boys and their parents. Over the next two weeks, he helped them find food and water, as well as fortifying the School House. A few days after Hewitt got sick, Matt Palmer and a group of about 15 other boys went to shelter in the school chapel, where they had enough food to last them a week.

Eight days after this, the teachers attacked the School House in force, and the same with the next night. The morning after that, the nineteen boys in the School House escaped and broke into the chapel. They found that the boys in the church had been burning wood and charcoal to keep warm, and were all unconscious from carbon monoxide poisoning. All the boys were saved, except for Jacob, who was asthmatic.

All the boys left the school that day, but they split into two groups. Matt, Archie Bishop and their "acolytes" went north towards London with Jack, while everyone else headed south for the countryside.

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Rowhurst is one of the few fictional locations in the series. It doesn't exist in real life, but is based on Sevenoaks school, which was the school that Charlie Higson attended.[4]

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