The Enemy Wiki

Pod is a good looking boy who has highlighted blonde hair. He wears jeans and a rugby shirt with the collar turned up all the time. Pod is head of security at Buckingham Palace and David's third in command after Jester. He is not considered very smart, but is loyal to David and always does as he is told. He is in a relationship with a girl called Maria, who is Al's, from the Tower, sister. He is mentioned to have been a good rugby player before the disease. 

Pod's school used to play David's at cricket and during some period before The Dead he joins up with David and the red coat guards. 

In The Dead; he and the rest of the red coat guards help Ed back to the Imperial War Museum and then get guns in return. They cross the bridge with the Tesco lorry to avoid the fire. When David shoots the boy on the bridge, it is Pod who first breaks the silence after. 

Pod appears again during The Fear; escorting Nicola to David's room, giving orders to the guards and talking to DogNut's crew. 

In The Enemy; it is Pod who first tries to greet the Holloway kids in the Green Drawing Room after they initially arrive. When Blue leads an attack on the St. James's Park kids Pod accompanies him and is the one who drags him out from under the collapsed structure. Later he acts superior to Whitney and tries to stop the Holloway kids from leaving but is punched in the stomach and collapses. 

During The End; Pod accompanies David to some of the meetings at Parliament, abandons David's camp during the battle and tells the Palace kids about David's misdeeds. He is soon after killed by John who stabs a spear into his chest.