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Paul is an older kid that comes from Buckingham Palace who first appears in The Fear. His sister is Oliva Channing, and they seem to have a very strong sibling relationship. He is described as being quiet and liking to read. His character takes a turn at the end of The Fear, where he gets in a rage when he finds out his sister is dead and accuses the kids of not caring about her. Later, this leads into letting the grown-ups free, starting the first scene in the Fallen. This shows that he is clever and plans very well, as he never gets killed and successfully flees the museum later.


Boney-M first appears in the beginning of The Fallen. He is described of having a bony head with broken, skeletal wings emerging from his head, forming a M shape. He also has a long beak with tiny sharp teeth inside. He often insults Paul and encourages him to get rid of all the kids at the museum. Toward the end of The Fallen, it is announced that Boney-M is not real, just Paul's hallucination.

Appearance in the Books

The Fear

Paul does not seem to have an important role, at least until his sister dies from the Collector. He gets into a rage and accuses the kids of not caring about Olivia and leaving her to get eaten. Then, he opens the truck that has the grown-ups the scientists have been testing on and lets them go free to attack the rest of the kids. Unfortunately, he gets bitten in the process.

The Fallen

Paul is shown to have gone rogue, hiding in a narrow staircase of a door that is locked under the sleeping area. This is when he first imagines Boney-M, who insults him but tells him to get rid of the kids at the museum. This later leads him to kill Samira, and opens her up to eat her since he has no other source of the food. When he tries to kill Cameron, it fails because Maxie catches him and hurts him in the process. He knows that he's been caught and runs around to Buckingham Palace. He manages to convince David to let him take care of the royal grown-ups, since he states that he can talk to them.