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Ollie is a red haired skirmisher from the Waitrose group.


At the end of the The Enemy, it was revealed that he had turned fifteen after the Holloway kids left David's residence and is waiting to see what happens. His weapon of choice is a slingshot with metal balls.

Personality/ Description

Ollie is described as being sharp, quick-witted and is generally the brains of the group with Arran often going to him for leadership advice. He is also quite mysterious himself. He tends to stay quiet while in battle. He'll sneak up on enemy and cut there heads of.

Past life

Ollie is the last of his family after his parents and older siblings got sick and his little brother died in a riot. He resolves to stay alive as the last member of his family.


Ollie carries a long ranged weapon, a slingshot, and uses it to fire steel balls at his enemies.


Lettis Slingsbury

Ollie has a very close relationship with Lettis. They first meet in The Fallen, when Ollie shoots off a grown-up who was aiming for Lettis. Later, before he is leaving to go to the expedition, he speaks to Lettis, who compliments that is a very good shot and claims that he saved her life. When the group have to separate, Lettis goes off to stay in church and promises to keep the doors closed. However, this promise is broken later. Then, when the fighters come back, they start to burn the building and Ollie discovers Lettis's scribe book. He reads it and thinks that Lettis probably died, since he turns to the next page and it is blank. He turns to the next page and discovers, that Lettis must have skipped a page since she is in a rush. In actuality, she is hiding in a small cupboard under the stairs. Ollie immediately goes to Blue and pleads to him to let him go back inside the burning church. He ignores Blue, who says he'll get fried, and climbs up the building and goes inside. He manages to find Lettis inside the cupboard and carries her to the roof of the building, thus saving her a second time.