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Nicola is the leader of the kids at Westminster Palace, and is described as a pretty girl with red hair and green eyes. She dresses herself like a member of Parliament, often in a dress and tights. Unlike many of the children she is clean and smells like soap. She is the elected new world Prime Minister.

Nicola is first encountered in The Fear, when DogNut's crew sink their boat along the bank of the Thames. She is suspicious of the new kids as she is currently defending the Westminster group from raids by the St. James' Park group lead by Just John. She tells DogNut's crew about the other groups at the centre of London but expects them to leave quickly. She is at first shown to distrust David and the Buckingham Palace group but later sends a letter via the Hunters requesting a meeting with David. The only group of kids she seems to completely trust are The Hunters. They work to clear the streets of oppoes and in return are given supplies and food. During the meeting she enters into an alliance with David's group. David clearly has a crush on Nicola and she uses this to her advantage, manipulating him slightly through flirtation.

In The Sacrifice, Nicola allows Ed's group to rest while they search for DogNut. She sits very close to Ed and seems to fancy him. As she is going to bed later in the book she thinks about Ed again and about how eventually the kids will have to grow up and have children.

In The End, Nicola host the meeting between the leaders of the groups. She sides with Justin, Blue, Maxie, Shadowman, Ryan and Jordan but is hesitant at first. Not many of her kids are fighters and she also wishes to convince David to join the army. When David refuses she still attempts to have him fight with the kids. She asks Ryan to escort her to the Dorchester hotel and then walks alone to David's camp in the night. She gets into and argument, refuses to be David's girlfriend, and is shot in the back. Her death inspires the Westminster kids to fight in the battle.

Nicola is the leader of Westminster and thus the elected Prime Minister. Her members of the House of Lords believe in her. Ponytail and Bozo seem to be her closer underlings. Ryan, the leader of the Hunters, has a crush on her as does David, the leader of Buckingham Palace. She trusts Ryan but doesn't see him as more than a partner. She doesn't fully trust David and can't bring herself to see him as a real romantic partner despite his obvious intent and requests to be. She doesn't see his true ability to be awful until the end. She sees him more as a posh, prideful, but inexperienced boy who can be manipulated. Nicola's preferred romantic partner seems to be Ed. Yet, she is very suspicious of the Tower kids, believing that DogNut could have been a spy and that Jordan might want to take over the centre of London.


In The End, she travels to Hyde Park to reason with David and to convince him to stop fighting against the other children and to join up with Jordan. However, the two get into an argument, causing Nicola to lash out at David with insults. As Nicola is walking away she is shot in the back by David. She falls over, blood flows from her mouth and tears pour out of her eyes before she slips away.