Nick is a character that only appears in the first book, The Enemy. He first appears after Small Sam is running away from him and Rachel and he captures him.


Nick has a shaved face and long hair knotted into untidy dreadlocks, and is white. He wears a baggy knitted jumper under his heavy overcoat and wears jeans. 

He carries a big, battery-powered torch.

In The EnemyEdit

Nick is first seen in the tunnels as he carries Small Sam back into his train, into Bank. Across the platform they were in, there were small candles in glass jars to give it light. He wields a sawn-off shot gun, Small Sam notes that it is like the ones in GTA (Grand Theft Auto). 

He lives in the train with a woman who is round and jolly-looking, with a big woolly jumper and a long, wide skirt. She had a bush of greying reddish hair and a kindly face. She is called Rachel. 

They both gain his trust by giving him food and letting him sleep there to rest up, but when Sam is sleeping, they handcuff him to the bed so he can't escape. They also put something in the soup to make him sleep, according to another child being held captive. In the train carriage there are four children being held captive: Rhiannon, Small Sam and two others (twins, boy and a girl). The other children believes that Nick and Rachel are trying to look after them, but Rhiannon and Small Sam are skeptical; Rhiannon believes that Nick and Rachel are both cannibals, and are eating the children as to not get infected. 

Near the end of the book, the Kid arrives and rescues Small Sam and Rhiannon. This is the first appearance of the Kid. They attempt to escape from being eaten by Nick and Rachel. The twins refuse to leave, as they believe Nick and Rachel are trying to help them. They go through the train carriages and the final carriage contains a very gory butchery scene with body parts dripping with fat. Nick and Rachel chase the trio -they are alerted of the escape when their cat hisses at the trio- through the train station. Rhiannon bravely sacrifices herself to save The Kid and Small Sam. Eventually, Small Sam and the kid lead Nick out into the open. Rachel stays inside the train station, because she knows what will happen if she goes out into the sunlight.  

Nick knocks out The Kid and fights Small Sam. Nick comes dangerously close to beheading Sam, but then he realises that, because he has neglected eating children and is out in the open, the Disease begins to infect him. As the fight continues, Nick's throat tightens and boils begin to grow across his skin, robbing him of his ability to breathe and move independently. Nick is finally killed then, because of the magnitude to which he receives the Disease, his body decomposes and explodes.