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"When the disease hit, when everything started to go wrong, Mr Hewitt had done everything he could to help the boys. Trying to contact parents and make arrangements, keeping their spirits up, comforting them, reassuring them, always searching for food and water, making the buildings safe..."
— Mr Hewitt worked hard to secure the boys' safety when the disease first struck.[1]

Mr Hewitt was an English teacher at Rowhurst School. He was one of the youngest teachers, and very popular among the boys because he shared interests with them, such as TV and gaming.[1]

For the first few weeks after the disease spread, Hewitt took charge and helped the students. In early February, a week before the electricity went off, he organised phone calls between the boys and their parents. Over the next two weeks, he helped them find food and water, as well as fortifying the School House.

However, he soon became sick himself, and left the boys to fend for themselves. Two weeks later, he and many other teachers attacked the School House, where he crawled in through a smashed window. The broken glass tore his belly open, and his entrails fell out when he stood up.[2]


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