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Mother with Sunglasses as depicted by Mochisun.In this drawing are the Mother's signature sunglasses, her knife, her jogging pants, her ponytail and a Celtic knot tattoo inscribed around her wrist.

The Mother with Sunglasses is an adult female that plays the role of a minor antagonist within The Fear. She first appears as the leader of the Gym Bunnies, a group of adults, and leads in an attack against DogNut and his crew early on.

DogNut describes her as wearing jogging pants and having her hair pulled back in a crude ponytail. In the skirmish with DogNut's crew, she steals Felix's knife and wields it for the rest of the book.

She wears a pair of sunglasses that she found on a model head inside a shop, on her wrist is a Celtic knot tattoo. Brooke mentions that the mother has boils and spots across her face with black teeth.