The Morrisons crew was a group of kids who lived in the Morrisons on Hertslet road. They were considered to be good fighters compared to the kids living further south in central London.

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The Morrisons kids formed up in the early days of the disease, all looking for food at the supermarket. There group was probably larger than the Waitrose crew because Morrisons was larger and its food was cheaper, meaning there was a larger number of customers before the disease. At first there had been no leader for the group, but eventually people had stood up and taken over. They were all killed, one by one, until Blue was the only person left in charge.[2]

A year after the disease, Jester arrived at Morrisons in the night, where he was chased off by Blue and some fighters. They eventually ended up at Waitrose, where Jester persuaded both groups to move to Buckingham Palace in the centre of town. The next day, the groups paired up to form the Holloway crew, which was made up of all the Morrisons kids and all but one of the Waitrose kids.

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Waitrose crew Edit

The only other group of kids in the area was the Waitrose crew, who lived in the Waitrose round the corner. The two groups tried to avoid each other, but their close proximity and lack of food meant they sometimes clashed.

Both groups eventually merged to form the Holloway crew, where they got on fairly well.

Notes and references Edit

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