Monsieur Morel was a French teacher at Rowhurst School. He was a large, jolly man, with an untidy beard.

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Morel's daughter, Frédérique, was born just under sixteen years before the outbreak of the disease. At some point, he left his wife, who lived in Paris with Frédérique. His daughter gave him a kitten, Dior, as a gift.

When the disease spread, his wife fell sick and sent Frédérique to live in Morel's flat at Rowhurst. He held off the symptoms of the disease for longer than most, but eventually he became ill and left the flat to look for medicine. That night, he entered the School House and tried to attack Jack and Ed.

The next morning, when the students escaped the School House, he managed to kill one of the Field House boys. However, before he could eat the boy, he was killed by Jack using a plank of wood with a nail in the end, which punched through his skull.

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