Maxie is a character from The Enemy series, and has been a POV character in the first book. She appears in The Fallen is a POV character several times. Maxie is a strong willed girl and second in command of the Waitrose crew, eventually becoming the leader. 

Before the DiseaseEdit

Not much is known about Maxie's life before the disease, other than she liked to spend time with her friends and was intimidated by other children like Achilleus and Blue. It is said she speaks quite posh and so it is assumed she came from a middle class or higher family.

During the DiseaseEdit

Before the BooksEdit

Maxie showed up at Waitrose on Holloway road shortly after the disease first broke out along with the other kids, and she quickly became one of the leaders which other children looked up to, next to Arran, though. 

He took over all responsibility. Together they led the kids at Waitrose and helped them manage to survive a year before the events in the first book.

During The EnemyEdit

Maxie first appears in The Enemy in the car park behind Waitrose after a pack of grown ups kidnapped Small Sam. She breaks down and begins crying and the others eventually take her inside whilst they all wait for Arran to return from scavenging. When Arran returns Maxie is scared to tell him of what happened, but becomes more worried at his state, seeing that he is injured. It is then that we find out that Maxie has feelings towards Arran. 

She takes him to Maeve, their medic, who helps put disinfectant on the wound and cover it up, but they all realise it is bad and could kill him. They are disturbed by commotion outside and go to the roof to find out that there is a boy stranded outside who is being attacked by a mob of grown ups. 

Maxie is put in charge of a secondary force by Arran, whilst he goes out and saves the kid, and it is then that they find out about Buckingham Palace and the safe haven at the centre of town. Arran and Maxie, along with Blue and his crew from Morrisons make an alliance to get to Buckingham Palace, and they decide to set off in the morning.

As they make their way down Camden Road they are attacked by an army of grown ups, lead by St. George, a large headed grown up, and during the fighting Arran is accidentally shot by a girl named Sophie, and at first he is believed to be dead. When Maxie begins to get up set he reveals he still alive, but they know he won't survive and Maxie insists that they wait with him in his final hours. After he dies, Maxie then insists that they burn all the dead kids. Afterwards, they continue on their way to Buckingham Palace and travel through Regent's Park. Whilst in there they are attacked by infected monkeys and Maxie helps lead a group of kids to rescue some of the younger missing children. She eventually finds Joel dead, a little boy with a puppy named Godzilla. Freak comforts her and they take the puppy away. 

The following morning, upon waking, Maxie goes to find Josh, the Waitrose counter, but Blue reveals to her he died saving the little kids last night. Maxie gets upset but holds herself together and they continue on their way. As they reach nearer to the Palace, some of the kids suggest stopping in Selfridges to get some new clothes and deodorant. Maxie disagrees, angry that they didn't have time to search for missing kids, but had enough to get new clothes, but in the end goes along with the rest of the group. 

Whilst in there, Maxie finds herself a leather jacket, and Sophie notes that its similar to hers. Maxie, angry that Sophie killed Arran, verbally attacks her, and Sophie leaves. As Maxie regrets it she hears noises, and finds Sophie aiming a arrow at her, as she is about to speak Sophie fires her bow and kills a grown up that had been lurking up on Maxie. Before Maxie can thank her more grown ups appear and despite Maxie's pleas Achilleus throws one of them off the balcony to its death. They scare off the remaining grown ups and eventually decide to continue to Buckingham Palace. After leaving Selfridges, Achilleus scouts up ahead and says that there are kids being attacked. The Holloway crew rolls up and kills the "Gym Bunnies". The kids turn out to be DogNut's crew from The Fear, and when they get there, three of the five kids are dead; Marco, Felix, and Courtney. DogNut dies in Brooke's arms as The Holloway crew are assisting them. Ollie and Sophie make a stretcher for Brooke, and go to Buckingham Palace.

When they reach Buckingham Palace, they find out a boy named David King is in charge and he announces that they will have a feast that night for their guests. Maxie sits on the grass and cries at the fact they made it and the friends they lost. She then eats with the Palace kids that night and the following morning is called to a meeting by David and Jester, along with Blue, Whitney, Ollie, Achilleus and Lewis. They are taken by Pod, the head of security at the Palace, to a large room where David reveals infected grown ups, who were once part of the royal family. He then reveals its his plan to place them back on the throne and use them to manipulate kids around London to come under his control.

He then reveals that the Palace kids are having trouble with a group of kids called Squatters in St James Park and that he needs the Holloway crew to get rid of them. Maxie refuses, stating they don't fight kids, though is pressured into accepting by Blue, Achilleus and Ollie. The following morning she goes with them, whilst it is raining, to make sure that nobody does anything stupid. As she goes to leave with the rest, she says goodbye to Freak, who is waiting by the statue outside the Palace. 

At the Squatters camp things become out of hand quickly when Achilleus attacks the camps leader Just John and both groups start fighting. Maxie is forced to fight some other kids, and during the fighting Freak is killed by John. Maxie, in a quiet rage then manages to disable John, and take him hostage, ending the fight. She then tells the Squatters that they are taking John prisoner and that they can send Carl, the Squatters second in command, to collect him later. Blue is injured in the fighting and left unconscious.

Maxie is present when Carl shows up with some of the other Squatters, and they all meet in the royals room. David and Jester together, Maxie, Whitney, Achilleus, Lewis and Ollie together, and John being held hostage. A arrangement between John, David and Achilleus is made in which John and Achilleus will fight to the death, if John wins the Palace kids stay away for good, and if Akkie wins then they get the Park. Maxie protests, stating they should not be fighting each other and that the grown ups are the real enemy, but she ends up going unheard. When Achilleus asks if she wants revenge for Freak, she replies no, she just wants the fighting to end. 

Later that day, Maxie is present for Achilleus and John's fight, and at certain points looks away out of fear of what might happen. Once Achilleus wins she runs to support him as he passes out. She then later on speaks to David and tells him she doesn't like how he is using the Holloway crew and that he is only interested in his own benefit. He tells her she can leave if she wants, but she can't take her crew. She then goes to see Achilleus and see if he wants to visit Blue with her, to which he replies no, and she also sees Ollie speaking to David frequently, and begins to feel as if she is losing them all. Whilst visiting Blue she becomes locked in by David, who states he cannot have her and Blue trying to leave.

Whilst locked up she tells Blue about herself and he also begins to tell her about his life. He then reveals he has feelings for her and she seems numb to it. In the end they decide to escape but can't figure out how, until a girl they rescued from a mob of grown ups tells them that there are more kids out there, living in the Natural History Museum. As they are all talking Achilleus and Lewis break in and free them all, revealing their still on their side. Blue and Lewis hug, and Akkie asks Maxie if she wants to hug, but she refuses. And once they make it outside they realise that all the Holloway crew are ready to leave, set up outside the main gates. As they are about to leave David stops them, using his armed guard, but he is quickly left in trouble when Ollie joins them and fires on David.

As they pass the statue outside Maxie see's that Achilleus sprayed Freak Lives, Akkie-Dekey onto it, and she hugs him. They then all make their way through the night to the Natural History Museum. 

During The FallenEdit

The Fallen picks up directly after the Enemy. The Holloway Crew (made up of the Waitrose kids and the Morrison kids) are on their way to the Natural History Museum. Maxie and the girl with bandages talk, and the girl with bandages is revealed to be Brooke. Maxie is happy to be out with her friends, and soon they arrive at the Natural history Museum.

When the Holloway crew gets inside of the museum, grown-ups are inside, fighting with a small group of kids. Lewis and his fighter take the grown-ups down as Maxie speaks to Jackson, who seems to be in charge of the small group of kids that are fighting the grown-ups. Jackson gets suspicious towards to Holloway crew at first, but seems to be okay with them as Brooke steps forward.

Maxie feels uneasy, soon discovering its the skeleton of the Diplodocus that she used to be afraid of as a child that scares her. Maxie and Jackson start to talk, making up a plan to clean up the museum from the grown-ups. She divides the Holloway crew into groups that will take care of the grown-ups. Big Mick and Maxie fight together against the grown-ups for awhile. When she sees Achilleus lay down, she gets shocked and upset but calms down as Paddy explains Achilleus just fainted.

Later Maxie, Blue and the other kids from the museum and the Holloway crew are sitting in what they call the “Hall of Gods”. Justin, the leader for the museum is going to talk. Meanwhile waiting Maxie thinks about Arran. About that he was the best leader she ever known and that she still misses him so much.

She wonders if she is going to make any friends in the museums, seemingly that the museum kids keep to themselves, only Brooke sitting with the Holloway kids. Maxie sneaks a look at Blue, who has put up the stone-face, and Achilleus who is loudly laughing and making comments. Finally Justin comes, thinking Achilleus is the leader for the Holloway kids. Achilleus tells him that Maxie and Blue are the leaders. The meeting finishes and all the leaders go to another room for having another meeting.

In the private meeting Maxie is quiet at first. But when Justin accuses the Holloway kids for letting the grown-ups in, she launches herself at him, putting her hands on Justin’s throat and forcing him back so both fall on the floor. She hisses at him to never think that again and threatens him. Then she let’s go and apologises, saying that she overreacted because of the losses they had lately, her boyfriend (meaning Arran) one of them. She and Blue look at each other before Blue continues the meeting. The meeting finishes with Holloway kids and the Museum kids having a deal: a group of fighters from Holloway and a group of smart kids from the museum are going on a expedition to get medicals and equipment for the labs in the museum.

Two days later Maxie, Blue, Big Mick and some of his fighters are cleaning up rooms after the fight with grown-ups. Maxie and Blue are talking about which one of them should go on the expedition, and which one of them should stay at the museum. Big Mick says he thinks Blue should go and Maxie stay at the museum, to investigate who opened the doors and let the grown-ups in. Maxie and Blue agree to that plan and continue to move on with the cleaning.

They find a hole to a room with four grown-ups that look like a family in and starting thinking what should they do. Big Mick suggests to wall them in. Blue disagrees, saying that the point of cleaning up was to get all the grown- ups out of there. Maxie suggests to lure them out, with Blue making a improperly joke that Maxie could offer a piece of herself. Maxie hits him and he sniggers.

Maxie says she is going inside of the room, Blue and Big Mick say they will come behind her. She goes into the hole and the mother comes at her. The mother grabs Maxie and the other three start to come. The son smacks Maxie in the side of her head with a bone and Maxie howls in pain. Blue is through the hole and stabs the daughter in her back, then kicking the mother of Maxie. Maxie then takes her club and hits the mother as hard as she can, smashing her head into pieces making blood and brains coming out.

Meanwhile, Blue has taken care of the son. The last grown-up, a father sits with a head in his lap. The head belongs to Stacy, a girl that went missing when the grown-ups entered the museum. Maxie sits down on the floor and starts sobbing. Blue sits next to her and puts an arm around her shoulders. They sit like that until Big Mick pokes his head through the hole, asking if they can go home now.

The day that the expedition starts comes, and Maxie is watching Achilleus and Paddy from a balustrade when Big Mick and Blue are joining her. Maxie asks Blue not to do anything crazy, to which he gives her a look back. She apologies and says that she sometimes wishes they were still in Holloway, cause life seemed so much simpler there. Blue replies that life is better here, which Maxie says she doesn't want anyone to get hurt, she doesn't want him to get hurt and asks him not to play the hero.

Blue replies that he leaves that to Achilleus and takes his backpack on. He hugs Maxie and asks her not to faze out if it the expedition takes longer than to the night. She asks where will they go then, and he says they are going to a place called Promithios. Blue kisses her. She looks surprised and he asks what's up. She says she didn't expect that, to which he replies she can expect a whole lot more where that came from. She laughs and gives him a over-the-top hug.

Samira disappears, and Maxie and the rest of the museum searches for her. Maxie gets in a heated argument with Justin and Gordy. Maxie and Justin walk away from Gordy, talking about what should they do now that Samira is gone. Justin asks Maxie if she wants to start a committee with him, meaning an investigation. Maxie agrees to this and Gordy confirms they found blood, probably belonging to Samira.

Together with Maeve, Robbie, Justin and Brooke, Maxie interviews the kids about what happened the night the grown-ups came in. In Maxie’s opinion none of the museum kids seemed to be able to open the doors. She wishes that Blue was there, him having a good bullshit detector, unlike Maxie who always thinks the best of people.

The group takes a pause from interviewing, Maxie and Maeve going out. Maeve complains about being in town, and says she thinks they should live to the countryside. Maxie answers that living on the countryside won't be like playing FarmVille; not just clicking on a few keys and getting a lot of cows. Maeve replies that there should be other kids who have had a year to set up a farm. Maxie replies those groups wouldn't be happy if all of the Holloway crew would come and want to eat there food. Maeve says anything is better than this and Maxie just answers that it’s gonna be alright.

Later that day Maxie, Justin and Brooke eat and talk about who the traitor could be. They interviewed everybody who had the keys to open the doors, except James, who was killed and Paul, who is missing. Maxie asks how Paul was, to which Brooke replies that he flipped out recently. Justin tells that Paul blames the museum kids for his sister Olivia’s death. Maxie is sure Paul is the one that opened the doors, him having a motive and the keys.

Justin has a hard time believing that and Maxie does her best not to lose her temper. Maxie continues to eat and wonders what Blue is doing right now. She wishes he was here, but doesn’t mention it and continues to eat.

Later she and Justin interview Jibber-Jabber and Wiki. She asks them about Paul, and they say that they saw him the in the afternoon before the sickos came. She asks if they think that Paul could be the one letting all the sickos into the museums and both Jibber-Jabber and Wiki say they don’t know.

When Maxie is talking to Brooke after the interviews Ella comes and asks if they are looking for a boy, not knowing they are trying to find Paul. Ella says that she has seen him at night. That he is a spider and no boy anymore. After Ella goes, Brooke and Maxie start to talk about people they lost. Brooke she says she knows about Arran, having heard Maxie and Blue talking in the sickbay. She asks if Maxie was in love with him to which Maxie responds “kind of, maybe”.

Brooke then tells her about all the friends she lost in the park were the Holloway crew saved her. About Courtney, her best friend, and DogNut, a friend who could have been more than that. After telling about herself, she takes Maxie to go shopping in Victoria and Albert Museum with Lewis, Kwanele and Maeve. Maxie tries to tell Brooke she doesn’t need clothes, to what Brooke replies that she could make a lot more of herself. Maxie answers she doesn’t want to make more of herself, she is happy with what there is. Instead of clothes, Brooke offers Maxie a katana.

The gang heads to the Japanese section to pick up the katana. Under the way Lewis is chirping with Brooke, hoping she could get interested in him. When she blows him of, Lewis turns hopeful to Maxie, who laughs and tells him to forget it, because she is with Blue. After getting the katana, Brooke asks Maxie if she is happier now. Maxie answers that she is happier, but that she never is happy. Brooke then starts to joke about the grown-ups and brains and they leave the Victoria and Albert museum, laughing.

At night, Maxie stands at the main entrance in the museum, waiting for Blue and the others to show up. Brooke asks her if she is worried for the group but Maxie says Blue can take care of himself, only they don’t know what it out there. Brooke says they will keep somebody at the door, in case Blue and the others would show up at night, even if it is not likely to happen. After that Brooke hugs Maxie and goes back into the museum, Maxie wanting to stay at the door. She thinks about Blue and how it would be just her luck to lose the only two boys she ever liked in days within days of each other.

Not only Maxie stays to guard the door, one of the guys in the security team, Cameron, stays as well. Maxie asks him about Paul, what he was like and if he was a fighter. Cameron replies no, and that Maxie doesn’t have to worry, because Cameron is right there to protect her.

When sleeping, Maxie dreams about pear drops and her nan in Wales. She wakes up by a smell, first thinking it’s pear drops, then discovering it is Paul, the spider Ella talked about. She tries to talk to him, nicely, and he says he is hungry. Maxie says they can find him something to eat, but Paul says she can’t. When noticing that Paul looks at her in a weird way and with a knife in his hands, she asks him if he can put the knife away. When he doesn’t put the knife down she kicks the candles to the floor, making the room dark, while yelling for help.

A security group comes, but Paul is gone already. Cameron is now awake, but hasn’t seen Paul. He asks Maxie if she didn’t imagine it before realising he is bleeding from his neck. Maxie catches him before he falls.

Maxie is in the sick-bay, trying to help Maeve take care of Cameron. Maeve starts talking about that they should not be in the museum, l that they should leave to the countryside, saying there will be less grown-ups there and more food. Maxie points out that other kids also have killed each other. Arran got shot, Freak died in a squatter camp, Josh and Joel were killed by monkeys and some people at the museum have been killed by Paul.

Maxie tries to convince Maeve that they need her, taking care of Robbie and Cameron and all the other sick people. Maeve says she is not a doctor and that Einstein knows more than her, then leaving the room.

Later Maxie and some other kids are hunting Paul, wanting to catch him. She sees Paul and tries to follow. Instead of getting to Paul, Blue is in front of here. She asks if he has seen Paul, which he hasn’t. She then get tears in her eyes now knowing Blue is home and Blue hugs her, asking what has happened. She hugs back and says that it’s a long story to which re replies he has time.

Maxie, Blue and Jackson have made a plan to catch Paul, and Justin is gathering a meeting where he tells everyone what to do. Maxie and Blue, who are in the same searching team, take a break after trying to find Paul for couple of hours. Maxie is petting Godzilla, a dog that belonged to one of the kids that died on the way to Buckingham Palace. Skinner tells them Fish-Face told him Paul was not in the museum anymore. Blue and Maxie go to Fish-Face to ask how she knows that. Skinner says she is not talking, but that she knows that. Blue then discovers a door and asks if somebody looked what is behind it. While the rest of the group is going to get the keys Maxie and Blue are left, talking about what could be up there.

Maxie takes Blue’s hand and he says “OTP”. She answers "OTP" back and then they wait for Justin and Wiki to  come with the keys.  They are going into the room, discover Samira’s dead, eaten body. Later on Maxie and Blue are talking with Einstein about what could have caused the disease, without coming to any conclusion. Maeve comes to them, telling she, Ella and Monkey-Boy are going to leave. Maxie and Maeve hug, then Maeve leaves.

Ed comes to the Museum, wanting to bring The Green Man inside. Maxie agrees that he can stay. Brooke, Maxie and Blue then make a bed for The Green Man.


Maxie is described as quiet plain looking, with short chopped and scrappy hair, and a pretty face. Others state repeatedly that she could take better care of herself. She wears a leather jacket and jeans. 


Maxie is quite friendly, helping others and looking after everyone, even kids like Achilleus, who can be rude and who she has a a general dislike for. She has been shown to be quite harsh though, such as towards Sophie, who accidentally killed Arran, though she shows regret at her behaviour. She is strong willed and carries on, even after many loses. 


Spear - Maxie uses a spear for the beginning part of the books, though eventually inherits Arran's club.

Arran's club - Maxie uses Arran's club after he dies, and finds it a slight bit heavy.

Katana - Maxie gets this katana from Brooke when they went to the Victoria and Albert Museum in The Fallen.


Arran Harper - Maxie is repeatedly said to have strong feelings for Arran, and described at one point as loving him, and suffers emotional havoc at his death. She cries for hours, and is left feeling numb and empty.

Blue - Maxie and Blue had a awkward, strained relationship throughout most of The Enemy, due to both trying to assert their authority. In The Fallen, Maxie and Blue seem to have started a relationship, which

Maxie is confused about at first because it isn't clear. When Blue kisses her, however, he states "there'll be more where that came from." They now rely on each other for support sometimes, with both hating being away for a long time. When Maxie and Blue are in a relationship, Lewis tries to ask out Maxie - she tells him that she is with Blue.

Achilleus - Maxie finds Achilleus annoying and rude. She is shown to dislike his boystrous attitude and cruel personality, but towards the end comes to accept and care for him, and they seem to form a delicate friendship.

Freak - Maxie and Freak become close friends after both lose people close to them, and Freak helps to comfort Maxie at the death of Arran. He also shares many of her views and they argue their cases against the other leaders constantly.

Ollie - Maxie is shown to like Ollie, but not entirely trust him, and can never be sure what is going on inside his head. Despite this they have a good friendship and Ollie shows his support for Maxie being one of the groups leaders. 

Whitney - Maxie and Whitney quickly form a friendship, both being the second in command of their own groups and they help to unite the Waitrose and Morrisons crews together. 

Sophie - After the death of Arran, Maxie blamed Sophie for the tragedy. They treated each other bitterly, even after the crew arrived at Buckingham Palace. Eventually, right before Achilleus and Just John started to fight each other, Sophie took her group of archers and met Maxie one last time and told her that her archers and herself are leaving the palace. She told Maxie "We don't like David, and you don't like us", leading her to believe that she had driven the archers out. Before their leave, Maxie hugged her and told her "Good luck". Before her leave, Maxie seemingly had the worst relationship with her, second to David.

David King - Maxie dislikes David because he was power hungry who did not care much about others and wanted to rule London.

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