Here is a list of the locations in The Enemy series, most prominently the main settlements of kids, as well as some other notable locations. 

Kid's SettlementsEdit

Tower of LondonEdit

Run by its leader General Jordan Hordern, the Tower is situated in the city of London, and so is separated from central London by the No-Go Zone, where strange things happen. The Tower is run like a military camp and its kids are called either Tower kids or Castle kids. 

Buckingham PalaceEdit

Buckingham Palace is situated in the centre of London, and is run by David King, a boy intent on taking over the rest of London. Buckingham Palace is well guarded and protected, and it is due to the efforts made by its kids that the surrounding area is relatively sicko free. Kids from the Palace are known as Palace kids.

Natural History MuseumEdit

The Natural History Museum is run by Justin and Brooke. It is located in central London and is quite safe with little to no sicko activity around it. It is here that kids are experimenting on sickos and trying to cure the disease. Kids from here are known as Museum kids, though should not be confused with Imperial War Museum kids. 

Waitrose Edit

The first location/settlement mentioned in the series; it was run by Arran Harper with Maxie as his second. It is where half of the now Holloway Crew resided for the first year after the disaster. It is located in Holloway, North London, placing it fairly far away from a lot of the other settlements, along with Morrisons. 

Imperial War Museum Edit

The Imperial War Museum was run by General Jordan Hordern - who later went on to run the Tower of London. It is situated in South London, near Lambeth Bridge. It was well guarded and protected, thanks to the large array of weapons. Kids from here are known as the Imperial War Museum kids, as to not be confused with kids from The Natural History Museum. 

Houses of Parliament Edit

The Houses of Parliament was run by Nicola - who declared herself as Prime Minister. The kids mostly vote on things and have little fighters, relying mostly on the Hunters. It is shown that they rarely leave the confines of the Houses, and they have some knowledge of what lies within the No Go Zone. Kids from here are known as Westminster Palace Kids. 

St. Paul's Cathedral Edit

St. Paul's Cathedral was run by Mad Matt and all kids who live there mostly follow the religion Matt started, who believes in a new god and devil who shall rid the world of the disease. They all wear green and have built a large wall about the Cathedral. Kids from here are known as Cathedral kids or The Greens. 

Morrisons Edit

Morrisons was where half of the now Holloway Crew resided for the first year after the disaster. It was run by Blue, with Whitney as his second in command. They initially had rivalry with the Waitrose kids but during The Enemy, they combined forces and became the Holloway Crew. It is located in Holloway, North London, placing it fairly far away from a lot of the other settlements, along with Waitrose. 

St. James's Park Edit

St. James's Park was used by the Palace kids to grow food but when the Squatters led by Just John came, they destroyed all of the food that was growing there and took over the park. It is situated just west of Buckingham Palace in the City of Westminster. 

Other important locations Edit

Lambeth Bridge Edit

Lambeth Bridge was the sight of one of the most important battles in the series, taking place at the end of The Dead. The battle resulted in the formation of most of the groups in London including the Museum kids, the Tower kids, the Palace kids and the Cathedral kids. 

Promithios Biomedical Centre Edit

The Promithios Biomedical Centre was first mentioned in The Fallen as the place where scientists were studying the infection and learning more about it. During The Fallen, a group of kids travel there to find out more about the infection to develop a cure. This is also where the Twisted Kids live.

Rowhurst School Edit

Rowhurst was a boarding school for boys just outside Kent. It is the first location mentioned in The Dead and it's where Ed, Jack, Bam, Malik, Matt, Justin and others went to school before the outbreak began. Rowhurst was abandoned early in the book and it is not known if any characters survived there after the original Rowhurst boys left.

St Hilda's School Edit

St Hilda's was a public all boys school in Surrey. Some of the notable students include Pod and David King. Not much is known about what really happened there during or before the outbreak.

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