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Lewis is one of the Morrison's best fighters and a member of the Holloway Crew. He is a supporting character of The Enemy series and has a friendly relationship with Achilleus and Blue.


Lewis has an afro and is assumed to be of mixed orientation or black. He seems sleepy all the time, but can quickly jump into action.


He is also a talented fighter who not only is dopey but adds great humour to the Morrison crew. He is normally easy going around nearly everyone he meets and acts somewhat flirtatious around girls as seen when he expressed his eagerness to meet the Palace girls during The Enemy and acted flirty towards Brooke and Maxie during The Fallen.


Blue: Lewis and Blue are good friends. When Lewis and Achilleus rescue Blue and Maxie from the sick-bay, they hug. Blue has shown to trust Lewis, letting Lewis lead the left side of the Holloway group.

Whitney: Lewis and Whitney seem to share a friendly relationship. They are seen poking fun at one another during the later half of the Enemy. It is unknown how he reacted to her demise during The End.

Achilleus: Like Achilleus, Lewis is a valued fighter of the Holloway crew and the two quickly become friends with one another.