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Lettis Slingsbury is a scribe for Chris Marker at the library in the museum. She writes several entries in The Fallen, being one of the POVs and explaining what happened at the church while the other part of the search party was at Promithos.


She is described as being skinny and small for her age. She is very quiet and shy throughout the book.

Past Life

She has been described to have been to church but not strongly believing in it.


Ollie - She meets him after he saves her life at a grown up who was aiming for her. She thanks him and writes down his name first on the list of newcomers, commenting that it was the "most important". Later in the book, when they have to separate, she promises Ollie that she will make sure they will not open the church doors, although this promise is broken later. When Ollie finds her scribe book describing that she was hidden in the small cupboard of the church, he rescues her while the building is on fire. They are later found holding hands, hinting strongly that they like each other.