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Lambeth Bridge is the sight near the end of the book The Dead where a major sicko attack happens. This begins when Ed and his crew leave the museum with David's crew and the truck. Jordan and his gang decide to stay back at the museum but are then attacked by a group of sickos. Ed and the truck push through the streets up until they reach Lambeth Bridge where they notice a major roadblock of kids up ahead. It turns out that some kids have crashed some cars and Ed is forced to send up people to help. The cars are cleared and the truck moves onto the bridge. Shortly after making it onto the bridge, the kids notice as huge army of sickos behind them that are trying to get away from the fire. Ed notices it and tells David to escort the truck while he tries to get people together to hold off the impending sicko attack.

Ed manages to muster up a small fighting force of kids and takes the fight to the sickos in the largest scale sicko fight in the entirety of the series. More kids start to join in on the fight as Ed cuts through the army to a group of kids in danger by a church. Ed saves the group but gets surrounded by the army. Meanwhile, on the bridge, David and his group notice more cars in the way and orders a group of kids to clear the cars. One of the boys insults David which results in David shooting the kid. Brooke, who's riding in the truck with Justin tells him to leave David behind when they clear the bridge and Justin agrees.

Meanwhile, Ed's army loses momentum as some sickos break the line and take some kids with them. Ed falls over and gets attacked by Pez but a boy named Kyle kills the sicko and saves Ed. The kids stand seems hopeless but a fresh new force starts attacking the sickos from the behind. It turns out that these kids are the group from the museum led by Jordan Hordern. They meet up with Ed's group and decide to escape the battle by hopping onto a boat. It turns out in the end that Ed's distraction was a success since all the kids that were on the bridge made it across.