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Kwanele Nkosi was fashion-obsessed African from Rowhurst. He is often dressed in tailored suits, kimonos or other fancy dress from the Victoria and Albert Museum. He comes off as emotionally distant or judgemental at times.

Before the disease, Kwanele was the son of a rich family. He would boast that his haircuts cost fifty quid, had designer suits and once performed as Othello in a class play. Jack reflects that he always turned it into a comedy but that everyone considered him talented. He was the only black kid in his school.

During The Dead, Kwanele escapes from his school with Jack and Ed. He journeys with the group towards The Fez and survives the resulting attack nearly without a scratch. Through the entire trip he brings his designer Kwanele remains quiet for the most part while the group travels inside of Greg's coach bus. He judges everyone on their fashion sense. Continuing as a very passive, non combatant, Kwanele tries to help Ed drag Piers off of the bus but gets too scared to stay behind. His suitcase gets stuck in the bus seats and tangles with Piers's legs so he lets go of Piers and runs after the others. Ed confronts him about this later, saying that he shouldn't have run away, but Kwanele just sheepishly avoids a fight and claims that he did nothing wrong and isn't a fighter. Later, he gets on the Tesco lorry and joins Brooke and Justin at the Natural History Museum.

In The Fear, Kwanele has had time to establish a spot for himself at the museum. He becomes the tailor and modifies outfits to fit kids.

In The Fallen, Kwanele and Brooke lead Lewis, Maxie and Ella through the Victoria and Albert Museum in search of armour, jewellery and new swords.