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Justin is a minor character who first appears in The Dead, but later reappears as a more important character in The Sacrifice and The Fallen as the leader of The Natural History Museum.

Nicknamed "the king of the nerds", he is the leader of the Museum kids and is originally from Rowhurst with Ed, Kwanele and others, but came to London due to the sickos. He runs all the duties as the leader and is bad at communicating with people who are not from his group. He originally started the Brain Trust, which seeks to understand and one day cure the disease.

Justin, from the time allotted during The Dead and The Sacrifice, is noted to have toughened up, yet still keeping an air of "nerdiness" around him.

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The Dead

Justin, the last of the three "nerds", was put in charge of driving the Tesco truck found by those from the bus that had volunteered. The fire, spreading to the Thames River, separates Justin and those on the truck away from Jordan Hordern and the rest of his fighting crew.

The boys from the private school, led by David King, escort the truck through London.

The Fallen

Justin makes a major reappearance in The Fallen, where he is in charge of the Natural History Museum after Jordan Hordern and the fighting crew were separated by the fire and events on the bridge. Most living in the Natural History Museum were considered nerds, with few fighters living among them like Robbie and his fighting force. Justin, throughout the Holloway kids' stay, gives speeches that most children pass off as "boring"; some, like Achilleus, interrupt and jeer at Justin's maturity despite his young age.

The End

Justin makes a minor reappearance in the last book, The End, where in the House of Parliament he represents the Natural History Museum kids, and also later votes to rethink the decision of fighting the sickos, to the annoyance of some.


Einstein - Einstein is the lead scientist at the Natural History Museum, who seems to have a carefree and slightly sarcastic air around Justin, but treats him with mild respect compared to how he treats fighters and those he deems as unintelligent. Justin keeps a level-headed approach with the young scientist, as before Einstein embarked on the mission, Justin stopped him to remind him to be careful.

Achilleus - During one of the speeches regarding the disappearance of Paul Channing, Achilleus would constantly laugh and jeer at his kid-maturity. Justin attempted to keep a cool-head when addressing those who mock him, but Achilleus ends up getting a rise out of him.