The leader of the Squatters, he is known as tough and is very unbalanced and unintelligent. He wears only shorts and is described as ugly with missing teeth and a shaved head with patterns in his short hair. He carries a three bladed spear, the blades being made out of knives. He is vicious and unpredictable and hates the Palace Kids and all other organised and ordered kids. He was an exceptionally talented close-range fighter, easily able to overpower Achilleus during their fight. But he was also extremely arrogant and made the mistake of continuously taunting Achilleus during the course of the fight, to the point of incredibly overconfidence. He was also homophobic and taunted Achilleus with the idea that he was gay. After he is defeated by Achilleus, Achilleus kisses him full on the lips to embarrass John.

He did not die in the battle to death but submits to the Palace Kids so they could expand their crops in St. James's park.

In The End, he fights alongside David and the Palace guards. Once David dies however, he raids the Palace, kills Pod and is eventually killed by Franny with a pitchfork to the chest.

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