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"He went down fighting. He was a brave kid. Nothing scared him."
Blue, describing Josh's fearless nature[2]

Josh was a member of the Waitrose crew who attempted the journey across London to Buckingham Palace. He was killed in Regent's Park on the way there.


Alongside Callum, Josh was one of the main lookouts at Waitrose. He was on lookout duty when Jester arrived, before swapping out with Callum so he could go into the road to fight off the sickos attacking Jester.

When the Holloway crew left for Buckingham Palace, Josh was in charge of keeping a register of all the Waitrose kids. He moved among the kids, keeping them alert. When the group was attacked at Camden Road station, he fought alongside Arran, fending off the incoming sickos. After the attack, he stood in for Maxie, in charge of the fighters on the right flank of the group. She returned after entering Regent's Park, and took back the position from him.

The group was attacked again in Regent's Park, this time by diseased apes that had escaped from the zoo. In the battle, Josh saved Maxie's life when he speared the ape which had disarmed her. He returned her club, and then ran off to help protect the other side of the gang. He was killed soon after while helping some younger kids, when he was cornered by four of the apes. His death was witnessed by Blue.

Personality and traits

Josh had dark hair and was a stocky build, as well as a strong fighter.[1] He was rather arrogant, often claiming that nothing scared him, and even saying that he would never be killed and that it was other peoples' fault that they died.

However he was also caring and hard-working; quickly to comfort his friends when they were upset, and was always first up in the morning.[2]

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