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The Dead, The Fear, The Sacrifice, The End


Jordan Hordern was formerly in charge of the Imperial War Museum and is the current leader of the kids residing in the Tower of London. He makes his first appearance in The Dead and continues to appear in The Fear, The Sacrifice and The End.


Jordan is a black boy who although may not look it at first, has incredible strength and agility. He wears thick glasses and is also known as General Hordern. His glasses are held together with plasters.

The Dead

Jordan Hordern is first introduced in the book as the leader of the Imperial War Museum; which Ed, Jack, Bam, Brooke, Courtney, Aleisha, Frederique, Jibber-Jabber, Wiki, Justin, Froggie, Zohra, Chris, Kwanele, Archie and Matt and his acolytes escape to after being chased by Greg Thorne and another group of sickos led by Pez. He is, at first, under the impression that the new survivors were trying to take over his museum. However, he finally relents and allows them to stay after a heated debate involving Brooke, Bam and DogNut, which ends with Jack being pinned to the ground with his arm around his back. He then chooses to elect Ed as the new leader of his own crew.

He later reveals to Ed that he started off with a crew of twenty-two. After attempting a siege on the War Museum, which was earlier filled with robbers and hardened criminals, five of his crew had ended up dead. One died of an infected wound. Two more older ones became sick later on, breaking out in spots and had to be ejected. Four more left the museum to try their luck elsewhere. This was enough reason for Jordan to believe he earned the right to the museum and coupled with the fact that there was only enough food to feed the remaining ten of his crew, led him to becoming extremely protective of his museum. He would, however, allow Ed and his crew to stay on the conditions that they would find their own food to feed themselves.

The Sacrifice

Jordan first appears in The Sacrifice as the judge for the trial of Brendan stealing food. He is at first in deep thought about not being able to see clearly anymore and it wasn't just because he needed new glasses. He was going blind. However, as he thinks it would damage his position as general and leader of the Tower, he doesn't tell anyone.

In the trial he takes everything officially asking for Brendan to say his full name as well as Tomoki's full name and Captain position. When he finds Brendan guiltily after he admits that he did steal, he sentences him to death. He considers the punishment acceptable as everybody agreed to it when they first made the laws and also because he thinks that stealing is on the same level as murder. When Ed convinces Jordan to change the punishment he instead chooses to exile Brendan from The Tower. This means he must leave and go of into the no-go zone as that is the only way to the rest of London.

Later on, he is in a Captain's meeting that he organises every week. The meeting is about whether they should attempt to clear out the streets in the no-go zone to give the kids morale because of the whole Brendan scenario as kids weren't happy with the punishments. Jordan says he'll think about it after DogNut returns back to the Tower and calls the meeting to a close.

After Sam, The Kid and Tish have left the Tower without telling anyone, Ed goes and sees Jordan. However, to speak to Jordan for a long period of time you have to play a war game with him. While playing Ed asks to head of for the no-go zone to find Sam. Jordan asks why as yesterday he didn't want to. Ed replies by comparing it to the game they was playing, he says that plans change as at the start of the game he had a plan but had to change it. Jordan finally agrees but only allows him to take five people. 

He is finally seen back at the Tower where Hayden tells them about what Ed and his team about Wormwood and Matt's base at Saint Paul's and also the other settlements such as the House of Parliament. He says that he'll prepare an army for the morning and take the no-go zone. He says that if Matt allows them food for protection then he won't attack them. 

The End

Jordan is known as the General of the army of kids that is facing off against the sicko army. He takes Paddy's Dog, Bright Eyes, and that causes Achilleus to have a temper tantrum and not participate in the battle against the sickos. Paddy dies because of this, and Achilleus is mad as heck. (This is an important scene in the Iliad.) Jordan still has the dog (sadly) and he leads his army into battle, and soon, victory. They appeared to lose until Ed and his group comes and helps.


Throughout the series, Jordan Hordern is shown to be a serious and cold blooded, but reasonable and self-disciplined, leader who regularly trains his crew to fight, cook, clean and find food for themselves. He sets rules which he expects his crew to abide by and isn't afraid to enforce punishments to certain people who break the rules, such as exiling Brendan from the Tower of London for stealing food (which, in Jordan's opinion, was as bad as murder since people needed food to survive).

He is, however, a just and fair minded individual who strictly abides by the same rules he sets out, such as refusing Hayden's suggestion to steal food from Matt.