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Jester is a teenager who lives at Buckingham Palace and is David King's right-hand man. Can also be seen as having feelings for Shadowman.


Jester is a boy who looks around sixteen with "a shock of stiff, matted hair, a wide mouth set in a thin, clever face with a nose that was slightly too large for it". He possesses a patchwork coat made up from different pieces of cloth that he collects from his fallen comrades.


Jester is selfish as he always looks out for number one. This can be seen when he leaves Alfie alone in a building that was being attacked by sickos so that he can save himself. It can also be seen when Jester leaves Shadowman for dead, although he feels bad about it later. Jester is also very mysterious and distances himself from others. He seems to have an agenda of his own. Jester can also be vengeful. He plans to get back at the Morrisons group for not saving him when he was attacked by sickos. He does not believe in God but later decides that there may be God.


Not much is known about Jester's history. It is known that he and Shadowman have been friends for a long time, creating a band while they were younger. Nicknames were given to the band members, which is where Jester's nickname, Magic Man, came from. Shadowman, Jester and several other children had stayed in a house in Notting Hill but left once the situation got too dangerous. While there, a girl named Persephone showed him how to stitch the patchwork cloth together. She had started the idea after her sister had died. Jester made it into a coat and continued the tradition after Persephone died. He eventually came to Buckingham Palace where he became David King's right-hand man.


The Enemy

Jester is first seen when he is running from grown-ups on Holloway Road where he pleads with the Waitrose kids to let him in. He manages to avoid the grown-ups long enough that Arran gathers a group of fighters and kills the grown-ups, saving Jester as well. Once inside, he introduces himself as Jester. He states the reason that he is there. The Waitrose kids send a group to bring Whitney from the Morrisons store. Once everyone has assembled, Jester tells them that there is a safer place to stay and that he was sent to gather kids. He reveals some information about Buckingham Palace and how things works there. The Holloway kids are sceptical but Jester shows some photographs and the kids are convinced. The Morrisons and Waitrose kids team together with the exception of Callum to go to Buckingham Palace.

Jester subsequently disappears when the grown-ups attack a while after they set of for the Palace and is impressed with the fighting skill of the Holloway kids when they fight against the group of grown-ups. After Arran dies and Sophie and the archers join the group, Jester and Blue have a conversation about the leadership at Buckingham Palace. Blue argues that he wants to have leadership and Jester tells him that he will try to work something out.

He disappears again at Regents Park when the diseased monkeys attack. He urges Maxie to press on after the attack. Continuing their journey, they search Selfridges, London's biggest department store, and look for new clothes and supplies.

Later, they rescue Brooke at Green Park, Jester seems to recognise DogNut and takes DogNut's katana, they then arrive at Buckingham Palace, where they receive a grand welcome by David and the other inhabitants of the Palace.

Jester is later present when the prominent members of the Holloway group are introduced to the diseased remains of Royal Family. Once tensions get high between the Holloway crew and David, Jester intervenes and tries to keep them from fighting.

Afterwards, David tells the Holloway crew to try and get rid of the squatters in St. James's Park. Jester goes along with them and once again strikes up a conversation with Blue and informs him about the squatters and Just John.

Once again, he disappears at the fight with the squatters. During the agreement with the squatters he acts as the secondary negotiator. Before the fight between Achilleus and John he adds a patch to his coat in memory of Freak, who was killed by Just John in the attack on the squatters. He also gives Achilleus a shield and talks to him about his past. It is revealed that Jester had possibly given Just John a shield and talked to him as well. Jester is later present, spectating the decisive skirmish between Just John and Achilleus.

As the Holloway kids escape from the palace, Jester is with David and is ordered to find who is responsible for letting the Royals out of their room. Once David confronts the Holloway kids outside, Jester is also presents. Once Ollie's skirmishers open fire, Jester is seen running inside to take cover.

The Fear

Note: Some of the events in The Fear run parallel to the events in The Enemy

The first time Jester is seen in The Fear is when DogNut and his crew arrive at the Palace.

Due to David's ambition to ally with Nicola, Jester is sent to find more fighters for him because one of the conditions set forth by Nicola was that David had to get rid of the squatters in St. James's Park. Shadowman who is a good friend of Jester visits him at the palace. Jester is glad to see his friend and explains the details of his mission.

Later, Jester complains about only receiving three kids to complete his task. Due to this, Shadowman tags along. As they travel, Kate and Tom who are two of his companions complain about the mission at hand. Jester assumes that his mission will be moderately easy due to his belief that the strangers won't attack in certain areas. He is proven wrong and he leads his group into a subway tunnel. Unfortunately for him, there is another group of strangers inside the tunnel. They do their best to fight off the strangers. In the confusion, Jester accidentally hits Shadowman in the head with a baseball bat, effectively knocking him out. Jester decides to ditch him and escapes; Shadowman was concussed and weaponless.

After the attack, Tom and Kate get separated from Jester who is with Alfie. In an attempt to hide from strangers and stay somewhere for the night, the duo hides in an apartment. A while later, strangers begin to enter the building and try to break down the door. Jester tells Alfie to barricade the door while he himself will search for a way out. Jester finds an escape route but decides to leave behind Alfie as a distraction for the grown-ups. Alfie is then killed by another group of strangers.

Jester continues to run from strangers and finally manages to arrive at a Morrisons supermarket. He pleads for help but the group decides to not let him in. Jester continues to run and finds a Waitrose supermarket (as described in The Enemy). This particular group lets him in and he conveys his mission to them.

Jester eventually makes it back with the Holloway group and is greeted by David. The rest of the events are already described in The Enemy.


Jester is last seen with David at his campground in Hyde Park during the final battle. He is shown hugging David tightly before they are both swarmed and devoured by the oncoming sickos.

His last words were to David, "It's alright, it's over now."