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Jackson first appears in The Fear and is introduced as "someone who ain't scared of nothing and can fight up close if they got to". She is thirteen years old.

When DogNut collects a crew to kill The Collector, Robbie suggests Jackson to come along as she is considered the best fighter in the Museum crew. She uses a short spear with a very sharp head. She accompanies DogNut, Paul, Ryan and one of Ryan's hunters down into the basement of The Collector's house and is the one to finally kill The Collector by stabbing him in the head with her spear. She later accompanies DogNut and his crew acting as an escort to get them back to the Tower, when they are ambushed by the gym bunnies, Robbie is injured and DogNut tells Jackson to get him to safety despite the fact that she wants to stay and help DogNut's crew. 

She next appears in The Fallen, leading the defence of the Museum when the Holloway crew arrives. She escorts the younger Holloway kids to the safety of the Minerals room along with Achilleus before they unsuccessfully search the upper-levels of the museum for grown-ups. Jackson later goes on the expedition to Promithios as she is the best fighter, leaving Boggle in charge of security at the museum. During the expedition she is constantly trying to impress Achilleus whom she likes because of his rebellious attitude and his skill at fighting. She makes it back the the museum alive and is still in charge of security at the end of The Fallen.  


Due to her stocky build, close cropped hair and face like a potato, she was at first misconceived as a boy from DogNut.

Double Trouble 

Jackson and Achilleus don't have a relationship, but in The Fallen, there are some hints that Jackson fancies him.