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The Holloway Crew is a fighter group made out of both fighters and non-fighters, and obviously, all are kids below the age of fourteen. They are made up of two different groups of kids that were once rival gangs, one at Waitrose while the other was holing up at Morrisons. The Waitrose gang was led by Arran Harper, while the Morrisons are led by Blue. Both merged to become what is now known as the Holloway Crew, and according to David King, they were "the best fighters in London".

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In The Enemy

Back before both crews combined, they were mentioned to have a lot of gang fights between each other for sufficient food for themselves. When Jester arrived and told them about Buckingham Palace, both crews were interested to go there and combined together, with the exception of Callum who wanted to stay behind. On the way to Buckingham Palace, Arran was thought to be shot down by Sophie or one of her archers, and died soon after. After that, they found themselves surrounded by ape-like things and was attacked, Josh and Joel found dead after that. Soon after, they arrived at Buckingham Palace.

They started out well, but soon enough Maxie started to hate David about his dictator-like ways, a.k.a having them storming the squatter camp at St. James' Park (which led to Freak's death, making Maxie hate David even more), letting Achilleus and Just John fight to the death, and his plans of uniting London. After the fight, Achilleus met Paddy and he wanted to join Achilleus, and he agreed. Later, Maxie and Blue was locked up by David to prevent the leave of the Holloway Crew. Fortunately, with the help of Ollie telling the rest of the crew about David imprisoning Maxie and Blue, Achilleus and Lewis were able to help the captives escape (which includes Brooke) and agreed to let Big Nose (Andy Thomas) join them as per his requests. Whitney was able to formulate a plan to leave the palace, by letting the Royal Family out and distracting David's guards. Later, they managed to leave the palace and were now storming towards the National History Museum, led by Brooke.


It started out with Arran leading the Waitrose crew and Blue leading the Morrisons, when they merged, the crew kind of had two commanders. Later, after Arran's death, Maxie took over and led the Waitrose crew. Big Mick and Lewis were the Morrisons' top fighters while Achilleus being Waitrose's. The little kids do not participate in any fights. It seems that the Waitrose crew took on a democratic leadership while Blue preferred dictatorship leading. 


The Holloway Crew moves around like nomads; they do not settle down until they found a really nice place to stay. It started out with the Waitrose crew living in a shop in Waitrose, the Morrisons likewise. Later, they moved on to Buckingham Palace, but left because of David's ruthless lust for power makes the crew's leaders dislike him. It is indicated that the crew might stay in the National History Museum, led by Brooke.

Notes and references

  1. 53 survived the Regent's Park attack, minus Sophie's crew and Jester, plus the 15 who died in Regent's Park and camden