Greg Thorne, later known as St. George, is the main antagonist of The Enemy series and makes an appearance in all seven books. He is shown to be extremely intelligent and is blessed with the ability to lead armies of grown-ups throughout the whole book via the use of telepathy that all the grown-ups posses (this may be attributed to the fact that he was the last grown-up on Earth to be infected).



St. George is described to be a fat, but well-muscled, boil covered, bald man who wears a pair of wire-framed glasses with no lenses perched on his squashed rotting nose. Random tufts of hair sprouted from his otherwise bald scalp on his immense, great cannon-ball of a head that lolled around over his chest and that his head was to big for his neck. His nickname comes from the fact that he wears a grubby white vest with the red cross of St. George on it. The name was first introduced whilst Shadowman was tracking the huge group of adults making their way towards the centre of London.

The Enemy

St. George makes his first appearance in The Enemy, where standing still in the middle of the pitch in the Arsenal football stadium, staring at Small Sam, who was situated in the hospitality box, looking across rows and rows of red seats towards the pitch. 

He is then shown leading an army of grown-ups towards the Holloway crew, who had managed to position themselves into battle formation. Despite having strength in numbers, he was unable to defeat the Waitrose and Morrisons fighters and was forced to retreat with his army.

Some time later, Callum spots St. George trying to break into the Waitrose supermarket, along with Man UBluetoothOne-Armed Bandit and Spike. After a few days of persistent effort, St. George and his crew manage to break into the supermarket.

The last chapter in the book shows St. George standing in front of his army, with Callum's head on a pole. He then proceeds to march along with his army and goes around destroying every car on the road. 

The Dead

Being set just over a year before the events of The Enemy, the second book shows who St. George really was before becoming infected.

St. George is first introduced as Greg Thorne, a renowned butcher who ran an organic butcher's shop in Islington, with the slogan Meat Is Life. He had been on a few television shows, such as The One Show and had won many awards for his sausages, being Butcher of the Year for two years in a row. He drove a bus with a big group of kids on board including his son and the other main characters. He fights the disease by keeping meat from a child he killed at a barn where he lived with his son at the first outbreak of the disease. He kills his son, Liam Thorne, by strangling him in his sleep when the symptoms of the disease set in and he becomes more aggressive. He attacks the kids on the bus when they confront him about his son's death. His bus is destroyed. With the deliria of the disease he only remembers that Jack and the other main characters were the cause of his son's death. He spends the rest of the book stalking the boys and kills Bam when they separate from the other kids. He also carries the dead body of Liam wherever he goes, until dumping it off a bridge.

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