Waitrose kids, Holloway crew



Cause of death

Stabbed in the back by John

Appears in

The Enemy

Freak is a central character in the first book of The Enemy series.

He is first introduced accompanying Arran, Achilleus, Ollie and his best friend Deke on a scavenging party with the intention of finding more food. He is presumed to be less good looking then Deke (hence the name), they are described as knowing all the back alleys around the area.

It is Freak's idea to search the swimming pool for a vending machine and he springs a trap by going into the water to get at the vending machine. During the trap, Arran


is bitten and Deke is killed. Freak is deeply hurt by the loss of his friend and doesn't speak when the party returns to Waitrose. He volunteers to join Arran to help the kid who is trying to get in from outside and during the fight he enters a mad fury killing lots of grown-ups, a technique used later by Arran and Ed, which enables the kids to make it inside.

On the way to Buckingham Palace, Arran gives Freak five spray paint can he found when clearing out Waitrose and suggests that he writes "Deke lives" somewhere as a way of remembering his friend. When Arran is killed during the battle in Camden, Freak writes a message for him on the wall before making a short speech about how they should work together.

When they reach Buckingham Palace and David suggests that the Holloway Kids help clear out The Squatters from the football ground, Freak is most against it saying that they should not fight other kids and refuses to go. He is killed by the squatter leader John when he tries to save Maxie and the others.

As the Holloway crew leave the Palace, Achilleus writes "Freak lives" on the Victoria Memorial as a memorial and also a way of apologising for blaming him for the deaths of Deke and Arran.

Past LifeEdit

Not much is known about Freak's past life, only that he was Deke's best friend and used to cause trouble with him. They used to do graffiti and their tag was "freaky-deaky." His real name is David.


When David informs the Holloway Crew about The Squatters and Maxie and Blue lead a group to go over to negotiate, they get into a skirmish. Freak comes in to help them and he gets stabbed in the back by John. Ollie attempts to save him but it is useless and Freak dies, his last words being "Nether am I." He died a hero.

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