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Felix is a character from The Enemy series. His best friend is Marco, and he is part of Jordan Hordern's crew in The Dead. He has as of yet, appeared in three books, though remains unnamed in two of these.

He is known for his mean and crude personality. 

Before the Disease

Nothing is known about Felix's life before the disease broke out, though it is likely he was friends with Marco before it happened. 

During the Disease

Before the books

Felix, along with Marco, DogNut and Jordan, helped to take over the Imperial War Museum. It is said a few of their friends died whilst trying to take it and so they feel they worked hard to earn it. 

During The Enemy

Felix does appear in The Enemy, but remains unnamed and is only recognised as a dead body. It is stated that he is so mutilated by the sickos attack that he is barely recognisable as human. His body, along with DogNut's, Marco's and Courtney's are all hidden within bushes. 

During The Dead

Though Felix's name is never said in this book, it is technically his first chronological appearance. There is also no recognisable feature, but as it is common knowledge from later books that he is from the Imperial War Museum originally it is clear he was part of Jordan's crew here. 

During The Fear

Felix travels with DogNut across London in a boat to explore and find other settlements of kids, as well as look for old friends. He sticks by Marco for the trip as the two of them are best friends, despite the fact that they always argue. 

He spends most of the boat trip arguing with Marco and when they make it to the Houses of Parliament he helps Marco drag the boat to the steps by holding his oar with him. He sits at the Parliament meeting along with the rest of the boat crew, and when they decide to leave he goes along with DogNut. As they make their way down some of the streets of Central London they are attacked by a tough bunch of sickos known as Gym Bunnies. During the fighting Felix uses his sword, and the group are saved by Ryan and his hunters. They then make their way to Buckingham Palace where they seek David's help in finding their friends. Jessica and Al decide to stay behind at the Palace and the others go on without them. They climb over the wall of the Palace, through a secret escape route made by some kids at the Palace. Felix and Marco help Finn and DogNut over the wall. 

As they make their way to the Natural History Museum they find three sickos and Felix, along with DogNut, Marco and Courtney kill them. They are then chased by a larger group of sickos and as they are running Felix tell's DogNut to leave Olivia behind as she is slowing them down. DogNut refuses and goes back for her, Marco also goes and helps her, and calls Felix a "wanker" as he passes him.

They eventually have to stop for Finn who is exhausted and DogNut sends Felix to watch the corner. He comes back quickly and tells them that the sickos are coming. They decide to hide in a house where they believe children are hiding and Felix is the last one in, pushing a Shakespeare bust in front of the door. They discover that the kids are all dead and have been mutilated and as they go to leave a large sicko, known as the Collector, blocks their way. They then head upstairs and hide in the attic. The Collector eventually finds them, and Felix swears he will stab the Collector with his sword and when the Collector reaches them he proceeds to do so, losing his sword. As they all escape out the door Felix is almost crushed by the Collector, and it is only with Marco's help that he escapes from the room. They then run out of the house, Felix over taking the rest of the group and make it outside.

Back outside DogNut realises he left Olivia behind in the Collector's house, and decides to go back, but Felix and the others protest that it is too late. In the end, they continue on to the Natural History Museum and make it, and they sleep the night.

The next morning DogNut leads a team of the best fighters of the Museum and Ryan's hunters to hunt down the Collector and kill him, Felix along with Marco decide to go as well. Felix and Marco are sent with three other boys to look through the ground floor of the Collectors house. They find Olivia's head and Felix suggests putting it in a bag so Paul, Olivia's brother, can't see, but is chastised by Marco. He then says that they should bury it, but is once again insulted by Marco. Felix then along with Marco and the three other boys helps draw the Collector out of the house by setting fire to some paper and making noise, which scares the Collector out of the house. The group return to the Museum as heroes. 

Felix along with the others from the boat crew then explain their stories for the "Chronicles of Survival", so that they can leave the following morning. It is said by Chris Marker that all of them are going to be known as heroes through history. 

The following morning Felix, DogNut, Marco and Courtney decide to return to the Tower, whilst Finn stays behind, to continue on looking for his mates. They are escorted by Robbie, Jackson, and three other Museum kids, and Marco and Felix walk up front with Robbie and Jackson. They eventually find four sickos and Courtney decides to charge them, and so Felix and Marco join her. It quickly becomes evident that there are more and they realise it is a trap. 

Felix and Marco have to fight for their lives along with the rest of the boat crew and the Museum kids. Felix manages to kill many sickos as they fight the Gym Bunnies and as they try to escape into the Tube system the leader of the Gym Bunnies slices Felix's face with Marco's knife, blinding him. He is left by the others, except for Marco, and sickos drag him down. They claw at him and tear his flesh, and Marco tries to save him, but is ultimately unsuccessful and also falls down. Marco takes Felix's hand and they both die together. 


Not much is known of Felix's appearance, though he most likely wore armour from the Tower of London.


Felix is considered by most to be cruel and mean, constantly making crude and horrible jabs at people and generally be mean. Secretly this is his way with dealing with what happens and the only other person to understand this other than himself is Marco. His harsh nature and cruelness earns him the nick name "The Bad" by DogNut, after a character from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Despite this he seems to get along for the most part with others, such as DogNut, Finn and Al.

Also despite his apparent cruelness, he does seem to posses some compassion and care and is affected by the deaths of other kids. This is most apparent after Olivia's death, and when he sees the mutilated bodies of the kids inside the Collector's house. 

It is revealed that he used to have dreams where he'd be running from monsters down the stairs, and that if he remembered that it was a dream it would become fun.


Sword - Felix uses a sword as his main weapon through most of The Fear, it is unknown what type of sword, though likely a form of the long sword. He loses it when he stabs the Collector. It is unknown if he recovers it after the kids kill the Collector or gets another one, but he is revealed as using a sword later on in the book.

Hunting Knife - Felix is shown to use a hunting knife after he loses his sword to the Collector, and uses it to reach the Museum.

Armour - Though it is not described what armour Felix wears it is stated that the boat crew all carry pieces of armour and so it is likely Felix had some form of amour, such as a chest piece, from the Tower. 

Pack - Felix along with the rest of the boat crew carries a pack, though it is never stated what he carries within it, but it is likely supplies and more weapons, as well as a place for armour when not in use. 


Marco - Felix and Marco are best friends and care deeply for each other but can't help but argue about most things, or insult each other. They work as a team and are usually found together. Marco is nicknamed "The Good" by DogNut along with Felix being "The Bad" and Al "The Ugly". Both stay together even when they die. Despite their friendship and good nature squabbles they do seem to occasionally get genuinely angry at each other such as when Felix tries to leave Olivia behind and Marco calls him a wanker. Marco also seems to be one of the few people to understand Felix and his "cruel" personality. Both have a history together and both came from the Imperial War Museum together. 

DogNut - Felix, for the most part seems loyal to DogNut, and is one of his best and most reliable fighters. He seems to hold respect for DogNut who is a old friend from back at the Museum, but only whilst he is tough. When DogNut hesitates towards the end Felix comments; "You've lost it DogNut, The old days we'd have merked these creeps without even thinking!" This shows he considers DogNut has become slightly weak since killing the Collector. 

Despite this however he does continue to take DogNut's orders, and still his friend. DogNut nicknamed Felix "The Bad", for his harsh and mean personality. He likely makes light of his harshness though as they are good friends. 

Jordan Horden - Not much is known of their relationship, but Felix probably treats Jordan with respect as many others do.

Courtney - They seem to get on well, though it is commonly pointed out that Felix does get on Courtney's nerves when he argues with Marco all the time. 

Finn - Not much is known of their relationship, but they seem to get on well, and Felix will help Finn when he needs it. 

Al - Felix, along with Marco seems to get along with Al quite well, and Al is constantly longing to hang out with the two, but is continuously stuck with Jessica.

Olivia - Not much is known of Olivia and Felix's relationship, though he likely see's her as a burden like DogNut, and she seems to be angered by the way he insults her brother. 

Jessica - Not much is known about their relationship.