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Einstein is a character in The Enemy series, who makes his first appearance in The Fallen.

He is nicknamed "Einstein" for being the head of the scientists in the Natural History Museum, and sharing a passion for science himself. Einstein is written as an arrogant and self-centred character, who looks down on those who are not scientists, calling them "rednecks" and "hoodies". When pulled aside by Justin, before embarking to the Promithios warehouse for drugs, he disregards Justin's warning, addressing the scientists' escorts as "morons" and even goes as far to remark that he wanted one of them to get bitten, for research purposes.

As well as self-centred and arrogant, Einstein is described as sarcastic and condescending, aiming rude and snobby remarks at the Holloway and Waitrose crew on the way to Promithios warehouse.

In physical appearance, Einstein is stated to wear a lab coat, once attractive, but without access to toothpaste, has dirty teeth and wild, messy hair.


Justin - Justin is the head of the kids at the Natural History Museum, and Einstein treats him with a casual manner; he does not brush him aside like he'd done with most of the Holloway kids and fighters, neither does he fear Justin.

Ollie - Ollie, a Holloway kid, had Einstein at first doubting his mental capabilities, sarcastically joking that apparently, not all of them were "special-needs".

Gordy - During the trip to the Promithios warehouse, Einstein had put Gordy in charge of looking after the science laboratory, entrusting him with the keys.

Achilleus - Achilleus and Einstein do not get along; Einstein, who had taken a "look-up" at him, referred to him as a "hoodie", and was no help to his scientific research.

Blue - Blue and his crew escort Einstein to the Promithios warehouse, and of the several times Einstein had made a fuss, Blue had asserted his power, usually only with a glare. It may be implied Einstein is afraid of Blue, as his sarcastic and arrogance would melt with just a single look from the Waitrose leader.

Gabby - Gabby is one of Einstein's scientists who had embarked on the Promithios mission for drugs, but died from a dog's bite to the throat.