Ebenezer is an African-English boy from the Waitrose group. He is part of Ollie's skirmisher gang and often is armed with spears. He is a religious Christian and is seen praying and taking conservative positions throughout the book.

Ebenezer is first introduced in The Fallen when he takes part of the expedition to Promithios. He is often by Ollie's side because of his role in the skirmisher group. When Blue goes to talk to the Twisted Kids, Ebenezer remains outside of the room with Paddy, Jackson and Achilleus. He is suspicious of the Twisted kids and finds them unnatural. In comparison, he is less nervous around the sickos because of how good a shot he is with his spears. He helps Blue and Ollie scout out the church that they left half of the group at and kills some sickos.

In The Hunted, Ebenezer joins Ed's group in search of Ella, Maeve, Robbie and Monkey Boy. He gets along well with Kyle for a good deal of the journey. When trapped at the Slough kids' hideout he sneaks off and unlocks the gate so the sickos break out, giving Ed's group a chance to escape.

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