The coach party was a group of kids who travelled to London on a coach driven by Greg Thorne. Many kids joined the group from a variety of backgrounds in the early days of the disease.

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Continental Europe Edit

The coach belonged to a high school from Willesden. The school went on a trip to Bilbao, Spain, shortly before the outbreak of the disease. When people started getting ill, the teachers decided to try and drive to Calais to get the ferry back to England.

They drove the coach hundreds of miles across Spain and France to reach Calais, where they were then stuck in a grotty hotel for a while, with no food, because no ferries were running. At this point, a group of students left with a teacher to try and find another way to Britain. Eventually, the government organised for a single boat to ferry across those British citizens who were stuck on the continent. Crowds of people were desperate to get aboard, and the coach was only able to get on because it was full of kids.

Back in England Edit

The coach driver got sick in Ashford, and more kids decided to split from the main group. After that, the last remaining teacher, Mr Betts, drove the countryside before becoming ill himself. With the coach stuck in the countryside, and nobody able to drive it, sickos soon surrounded it to try and get at the kids inside.

Greg Thorne and his son found the coach one evening under siege by grown-ups, and killed them before taking charge. The only three Willesden students to survive were Aleisha, Brooke and Courtney. In the morning, Greg began driving northwest towards London. That day, Greg picked up Zohra and Froggie, before reaching the town of Rowhurst.[2]

Rowhurst Edit

After many hours of driving, the coach reached the Futures Enterprise Zone, where some boys from Rowhurst School were being attacked by sickos. Twelve boys were rescued, plus Frédérique with her cat Dior. They drove on through Rowhurst towards the M25, where they encountered Jack, Matt, Archie and their six acolytes. They reached south London by the evening, but London Bridge was blocked, so they decided to sleep in the coach and continue in the morning.

Fight with Greg Edit

Overnight, Greg started getting sick and smothered his son, Liam. In the morning, he went mad and threatened to kill the kids on the coach. He began to drive southwest from London Bridge, with no clear direction. He was holding his shotgun in one hand and driving with the other, swerving wildly and crashing into things. Jack crawled down the aisle and was able to grab the gun out of Greg's hand, after both its shots were fired.

Greg then stopped the coach outside the fence at the Imperial War Museum and started to move down the coach to attack the kids who were further back. Brooke had the idea to smash the rear window with the emergency hammer, but found that the coach was surrounded by sickos, so they couldn't climb out the back. Matt attempted to persuade Greg to stop by offering him the help of The Lamb, but Greg slapped him across the face, gashing Matt's forehead with his signet ring and sending him flying across the coach. Three of the smaller kids, Zohra, Froggie and Jibber-Jabber ran to hide in the coach toilet, and Greg punched his fist through the door where it got stuck.

Bam then tackled him to the ground while Jack tried to reload the shotgun. Greg soon managed to throw off Bam and he turned his sights on Chris Marker, who was reading a book. Chris hit him in the face with the spine of the book, knocking Greg backwards onto some seats. Jack had not yet been able to reload the gun, so Bam took it from him and reloaded it himself, ordering everyone to evacuate the bus.

Bam jumped out the bus and shot at the sickos outside, while the others all ran forwards towards the door. When Greg tried to grab Brooke, she hit him in the stomach with the emergency hammer, causing him to double over. All the kids managed to get off the bus, except for Ed and Kwanele, who were carrying the unconscious Piers. As Greg got up and started closing in on them, they were forced to abandon Piers to save themselves. The kids then clambered over the low fence at the front of the Imperial War Museum and started knocking on the doors.

Imperial War Museum Edit

When they arrived at the Imperial War Museum, they were eventually allowed in two boys guarding the door, and were introduced to the group's leader, Jordan Hordern and his second-in-command, DogNut, who were playing a war game with Marco. Jordan was initially angry, as there were only enough resources for the ten people already there, and did not want the new group to stay. After Bam interrupted the game they were playing, Jordan ordered the five other members of the group to escort the others away. After Brooke and Jack attempted to argue in their own ways for their group to stay, Ed convinced Jordan to consider it. Jordan relented, and appointed Ed the leader of the coach group.

The group was left in the cafe while Jordan pondered this decision. While there, Ed brought them to the realization that they were all to blame for the death of Piers, while Matt continued to rave about going to St. Paul's Church. DogNut later came to collect Ed to speak to Jordan privately. In private, Jordan told Ed his group's history, and that he would allow Ed's group to stay if they got their own food. Ed agreed to this, but said his group needed weapons. Jordan agreed to loan him some, and led Ed, Jack and Bam to the basement containing exhibits complete with weapons. Matt and Archie followed to get a banner they could customize for their religion. Ed took a rifle with a bayonet, Bam a spiked club, and Jack a naval officer's sword. They went back to the bus and retrieved the food they could, and ate it that night. During this time, Justin privately informed Ed that the smoked meat in the cooler was human meat, and not to eat it.

Expedition to Tesco Edit

The next morning, Jack saw Frederique bring her cat outside. He asked her what she was doing, and she told him Dior would be better off on her own. She released Dior, who ran away. Shortly afterward, Ed and Bam came out, ready to begin a scavenging mission for more food. Jack and Frederique joined in, as did Brooke, Courtney, Aleisha, DogNut and Justin. The group headed to a Tesco supermarket, but found it was already looted. Ed was unable to kill a weak mother, so Brooke did so, before throwing up. As they tried to leave, they encountered a group of sickos, led by a father they had seen before attacking them at the bus, who had a detached lower jaw. They ran into an alley to escape them, and found a locked Tesco delivery truck with its driver dead inside.

Jack believed the driver had moved the truck into the alley to escape from looters, and believed the truck could contain food. Since they could not open it, they concluded the keys were in the cab, with the dead driver. Ed and Bam managed to remove the sunroof, and Ed entered the cab, eventually finding the keys in the dead man's pocket. He removed them, and went around the truck and opened the back, finding that the truck was loaded with food.

The kids then decided to drive the truck back to the Imperial War Museum. Justin and DogNut both volunteered, as Justin had been taught how to drive cars by his father, while DogNut claimed he used to steal cars with his friends. Jack and DogNut pulled the dead driver out and threw his body down, and the girls offered to move it. They dragged it to the end of the alley, where it blistered and burst from the exposure to sunlight. This distracted them, and allowed a group of sickos to surround them. Frederique, the only one who had a weapon, distracted the sickos to allow the others to flee, but was overwhelmed. Meanwhile, Justin and DogNut had managed to move the truck, while Jack and Bam pulled the others on to the roof. After Justin drove the truck out of the alley, the group found Frederique unharmed. The group on the roof and Frederique piled into the back as Justin drove back to the Imperial War Museum, but Jack chose this moment to return to his home, and jumped off. Bam joined him, as did Ed, after kissing Brooke and jumping off, promising to return.

Battle of Lambeth Bridge Edit

After Ed returns with David's group, the fire spreads across London, causing all the kids in South London to leave. Ed's group takes the truck, and promises David's group food in exchange for escorting the truck across the river. Justin, Brooke and Ed ride in the cab while the others ride in the back, allowing David's group to clear the road. Eventually, after Ed cannot stand Brooke constantly staring at his scar, he helps David's group.

When they get to Lambeth Bridge, they struggle to cross, and eventually it becomes so clogged that the truck cannot continue forward. David and his group go ahead to clear the clog, and Ed asks for other members of the group to help protect the truck. Aleisha, Courtney, Matt, Archie and the acolytes agree, and help clear the space around the truck. Ed tells Chris and Kwanele to keep anyone that tries to get on the truck off it. They both agree.

After the truck is unable to go farther, the sickos in South London arrive at the bridge, and attempt to attack the kids. Ed convinces several of the other kids on the bridge to fight against the sickos to allow the others to escape. Matt is the first to support him, claiming the Lamb will protect them, and the kids rally to the banner. Ed, Aleisha, Courtney, Matt and the acolytes join with other kids on the bridge to battle the sickos, and hold them by the gardens of a nearby church.

On the bridge, the truck makes it to the clogged part, which is caused by some kids who crashed their cars. David orders the kids to move the cars, but they refuse. He shoots and kills one of them and repeats his orders, which are now obeyed. Brooke tells Justin to abandon David when they get across the bridge due to this, and he agrees.

During the battle with the sickos, three of Matt's acolytes are killed, while Aleisha is wounded by the transformed Frederique, who is then killed by Ed. Ed himself is attacked by the father with the detached jaw, who is then killed by another boy named Kyle. The remaining kids are saved by Jordan's crew, but are unable to return to the bridge. They end up taking a sightseeing boat, and attempt to use it to cross the river. Ed tells Kyle and Courtney to treat Aleisha's wounds, while he tries to help move the boat. He finds Matt, Archie and Jordan in the wheelhouse, and Matt tries to hijack the boat to get to St. Paul's Cathedral. He crashes it into Lambeth Bridge, and the boat splits in two, causing Aleisha to drown. Ed and others release the lifeboats and jump into the water, afterwards being pulled into the boats, while other kids do not make it, and drown. After all the lifeboats are launched, Ed sees Matt, Archie and four remaining acolytes standing on the sinking wheelhouse, which passes under Waterloo Bridge and disappears.

The remaining children lash the lifeboats together and eventually are pushed to the shore at the Tower of London. Ed and Courtney, the only remaining children from the coach group, embrace, and join the group in entering the Tower of London. Ed is given the position of Captain of the Tower Guard, and is considered second-in-command to Jordan, while Courtney is given an unknown position.

On the other side of London, Brooke, Justin, Chris, Kwanele, Wiki, Jibber-Jabber, Zohra and Froggie abandon David and his group, and drive through London, until Justin decides to live in the museum, where there are materials that can be used to study the virus. They join up with a crew led by Robbie, and take the museum. Chris becomes the Librarian, recording the stories of how certain kids survived. Kwanele becomes the museum's tailor, who makes clothes for the kids from clothing found in the museum.

Matt and his acolytes (at the very least, Matt and Archie) eventually make it to St. Paul's Cathedral, which the reinforce, and slowly build up their numbers.

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