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List of characters from The Enemy series. Characters have been categorised by their groups and dead characters/deaths of those characters have not been listed to avoid spoilers, although some spoilers do remain.

The Holloway Crew

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The Holloway Crew is made up of children from both Waitrose and Morrisons supermarkets, who unite to try and reach Buckingham Palace, in the search of a better life. They are made up of mismatched kids and are considered the single best fighting force. 

Waitrose crew

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  • Arran Harper - The leader of the kids from Waitrose, he is a main character in The Enemy. He uses a club for a weapon and is described as a good fighter, as well as good looking. It is hinted he has feelings for Maxie, but dies before they can explore those feelings.
  • Maxie - One of the leaders of the Waitrose crew and later the Holloway crew, she is Arran's second in command and it is stated she has feelings for him. She has short hair. Later on in the series, she becomes Blue's girlfriend.
  • Ollie - A red haired boy, he is very intelligent and is described as a good shot with his sling shot. He is in charge of ranged fighters known as the Skirmishers. He is fifteen at the end of The Enemy, with his birthday the following day. 
  • Achilleus - The Waitrose kids best fighter, he uses a sharpened piece of metal fencing for fighting. He has short hair with shapes carved in the sides. He is one of the leaders of the Holloway crew later on, and has a group of friends, mostly the best fighters from the Holloway crew. He is described as skilled with the spear, but has been shown to be able to wield any weapon. Is also gay but shows no signs of resentment towards himself for it, is hinted that him and Will (from the Tower Kids) get together in The End.
  • Freak - A main character from The Enemy, he is part of the Waitrose crew and his best friend is Deke. He commonly uses an axe for breaking things and is quite good with it. He eventually becomes good friends with Maxie and has been shown with strong morals. He dies by a stab wound from Just John in The Enemy.
  • Deke - Best friends with Freak, he is revealed to have travelled the streets after the disease first struck breaking things and spray painting walls and buildings. He uses a large sledgehammer to break things. He dies from a mob attack from the diseased adults. 
  • Josh - One of the Waitrose crew, he is a skilled fighter and once part of the Holloway crew. He becomes one of the counters who checks how many kids there are. He uses a club as a weapon and commonly says he is not scared of anything. He used to be close with Callum, but they slowly became distant. 
  • Callum - A boy who is extremely Agoraphobic, he doesn't like to leave the safety of Waitrose and spends most of his time in the Crow's Nest, where he can watch out over London. He used to listen to ABBA with his mum all the time before the disease. It is told he got the fear of going outside from his mum, who it is said that Callum kills during the initial outbreak. After being killed, Callum's head is put on St George's staff that he carries around.
  • Ben and Bernie - They are two emos, who are heavily interested in engineering. They had set up the defence system around Waitrose and are considered useful by the other kids, despite the fact they aren't fighters. They are close friends and look identical. 
  • Ella - Small Sam's little sister, she looks up to her brother for protection and is commonly shown to miss him.
  • Small Sam - A boy of nine, he is small for his age and enjoys fantasy. He is kidnapped early on in the first book and hopes to return to his sister and friends of the Holloway Crew. He is good friends with a boy his age known as The Kid. He uses a pin and later a sword as a weapon and wears armour. He is one of the few characters to have appeared in almost all the books of the series. He is considered the Lamb in Matt Palmer's religion. 
  • Big Sam - One of the three Sam's. He was killed months before The Enemy takes place.
  • Curly Sam - One of the three Sam's. He has curly hair and is said to be one of the annoying kids who believe they know everything. 
  • Maeve - The medic of the Waitrose group. Her parents were doctors and she managed to pick up on some medical skills. She is from the country and wishes to go back.
  • Monkey Boy - A fair haired boy with a wide mouth. He got his nickname because he loves to climb things.
  • Lila - One of Maxie's friends who is mentioned in The Fallen. She took in a mother cat and kitten but later commits suicide by jumping off a roof when the cat dies of feline influenza and the kitten of starvation.
  • Ebenezer - A religious kid that is armed with throwing spears. He is part of Ollie's Skirmisher group and joins the expedition to Promithios and the trip to find Ella.
  • Katey - A little girl in the Waitrose crew.
  • Louise - A little girl in the Waitrose crew.
  • Johnno - A boy in the Waitrose crew, who was killed by sickos before The Enemy takes place.
  • Eve - A girl in the Waitrose crew, who was killed by sickos before The Enemy takes place.
  • Mohammed - A boy in the Waitrose crew, who was killed by sickos before The Enemy takes place.

Morrisons crew

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  • Blue - The leader of the Morrison's crew and one of the main characters. Before the sickness he was a bookworm, but becomes muscular and fit after and is described as smart and a good leader. He reveals he has a crush on Maxie. 
  • Whitney - The Morrison's second-in-command and a main character, she becomes Maxie's friend and is in charge of the little kids. She is revealed to have more control than Blue. She is thirteen, but big for her age. She often wears an immaculate white tracksuit.
  • Lewis - One of Morrison's best fighters, he is a supporting character and is friends with Achilleus, he has an afro and is assumed to be of mixed orientation or black. He seems sleepy all the time, but can quickly jump into action.
  • Alice - A small girl in the Morrison's crew, who likes Godzilla the puppy.
  • Big Mick - The best fighter from the Morrison's group and widely considered the best fighter in the Holloway group, he is said to look eighteen and is very tall.
  • Joel - A little boy who carries around a puppy called Godzilla. 
  • Blu-Tack Bill - A boy who constantly plays with Blu-Tack. He is very good at counting, but rarely speaks to anyone. He communicates by moulding the Blu-Tack into shapes.
  • Kamahl - One of Big Mick's friends that stands guard with him in Promithios.
  • Jake - One of Big Mick's friends that stands guard with him in Promithios. He often rushes into things.
  • Brandon - One of Big Mick's friends that stands guard with him in Promithios.

Sophie's crew

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Sophie is the leader of a group of thirteen, including herself, five other girls, and seven boys. They entered into London through Hampstead Heath, joined up with the Holloway group temporarily on their way to Buckingham Palace, and then went west to the country and joined the Ascot group.

  • Sophie - A girl around Maxie's age, she wears a leather jacket and is considered good looking. She is skilled with a bow and arrow and survived on the streets with her gang for a whole year before meeting the Holloway crew. She accidentally shot Arran in a middle of a battle, causing Maxie to hold a grudge against her. Before Sophie went her own way, she told Maxie that she felt responsible for Arran's death and couldn't bear to hold on to the memory anymore.  

The Palace kids

The Palace Kids live at Buckingham Palace, they are led by a boy called David, and are considered a threat by other settlements, who want nothing to do with them, especially the squatters, who actively despise them. The Palace kids use its gardens for crops and its lake for water. They aim to expand into St. James's Park.

  • David King - Power obsessive boy, aims to take control of London and unite the kids, willing or not. He is shown to be posh and quite a snob and came from a posh boarding school, which he is revealed to have once been head boy of. 
  • Pod - Good looking boy, he wears a rugby shirt all the time and is head of security at Buckingham Palace. He is not considered very smart, but is loyal to David and always does as he is told. He is in a relationship with a girl called Maria, who is Al's (from the Tower) sister. 
  • Rose - The Palace's head of medicine. She treats all wounds there and is considered a professional of her trade, by kid standards.
  • Jester - Also known as The Patchwork Kid, he is sly and cunning and has been shown to only look out for himself, though he tells himself it's not his fault. He serves David because he has the best gig and is open to taking control or moving on if he finds somewhere better. 
  • Franny - Shy head gardener for the palace kids, gives Ollie a lettuce with a slug in and claims that David will be able to solve all problems. She is shown to have feelings for David. She wears glasses. 
  • Red Uniform kids - A group of boys, mostly from Surrey along with David, they wear red coats and black caps that were their school uniforms before the disease, which is how they gained their name. They act as the main guard of the Palace and they receive privileges in status for doing the job. They carry guns with ammunition, but it is revealed that they only have around twenty actual shots between all of them.
  • Big Nose/Andy - One of the red uniformed kids, he earns his name for his big nose. He is revealed to be quite friendly, if a little grumpy and dislikes his job and David, but prefers it to the blandness of gardening. 
  • Alfie - A boy from the Palace, he goes with Jester in search of other kids, and wields a spear. He is thirteen and quiet short and loves to sing. 
  • Tom - A boy from the Palace, he is around fourteen or fifteen and goes with Jester on an exploration mission. He wields a sword and is constantly complaining.
  • Kate - Tom's girlfriend, she too complains a lot and carries a sword. She also goes on Jester's exploration mission.
  • Maria - A girl from the Palace, she is going out with Pod who is the head of security, and has an older brother called Al, but doesn't know of his whereabouts. 
  • Jonathan - A boy from the Palace, he is a cadet red-uniform guard. 
  • George Halley - A member of the red-uniform guard. He is present when Paul speaks to the sickos. 
  • Andy Kerr - A member of the red-uniform guard. He is present when Paul speaks to the sickos. 
  • Spotty - A red-uniformed guard from the palace. He has an infestation of acne, hence his nickname. He, along with Andy, is put in charge of guarding the infirmary when Maxie, Blue and Brooke are locked up. He does not take his job too seriously, but does it because he believes (unlike Andy), that David will eventually manage to take over London. Brooke describes him as grumpy and unfriendly when compared to Andy. He is also slightly taller than Andy. 

The Squatters

The Squatters live in St. James's Park and attain food through attacking other camps of kids and scavenging. They dislike organisation and resent the Palace kid's as well as the other settlements. They live in shacks and tents and have little to do, so fighting is common. Some of the girls in the camp have had babies. 

  • Just John - The leader of the Squatters, he is known as tough and is very unbalanced and unintelligent. He wears only shorts and is described as ugly with missing teeth and a shaved head with patterns in his short hair. He carries a three bladed spear, the blades being made out of knives. He is vicious and unpredictable and hates the Palace kids and all other organised and ordered kids. 
  • Carl - He is described as looking like a pirate, he is a year older than John and also his second in command. He is described as being much more relateable and understanding, but prefers to take orders from John. He's also a total asshat. He uses a machete and wears a bandanna and shorts, with heavy boots. 
  • Paddy - A young Irish boy, he has Halo figures and used to enjoy playing it. He hopes to become a good fighter one day and so looks up to Achilleus. 

The Tower kids

The Tower kids live in the Tower of London and were originally run by Tomoki Ford, but when Jordan Hordern arrived he quickly took command and runs it like a military camp. The kids here use armour and weapons from the medieval ages and are slowly utilising the river. They grow some food, but mostly scavenge and explore the local area. They are on the East side of the No Go Zone and so have had little to no contact with the other settlements of kids. There are seven occupational groups/regiments: the Sappers (in charge of construction and demolition), the Armorers (in charge of furniture, non-essentials, fire wood and other non-food supplies), the Service Corps (in charge of finding and cooking/growing food), the Medical Corps (in charge of medicine and healing injured or sick kids), the Engineers (to deal with anything mechanical), the Tower Watch (in charge of keeping order like a police force), the Pathfinders (in charge of expeditions outside of the Tower) and the Tower Guard (in charge of guarding the Tower).  

  • Jordan Hordern - Jordan is now the leader of the Tower kids, after evacuating from south London, he is a tough leader, and makes sure everyone does two hours of fighting practice every day. He believes heavily on strategy and war skills. An absolute legend. Keep in mind, he also has to rule the kids despite nearing blindness.
  • Ed Carter - Ed is one of Jordan's lieutenants, and is head of the guards at the Tower. He is liked by everyone and they all respect him immensely. Some are scared of his scar, which runs down the side of his face, which makes him look like he's constantly grimacing. It was caused by Greg with a meat cleaver in the second book, The Dead. Ed is renowned for his fighting skills.
  • DogNut - DogNut is head of the pathfinders at the Tower. The pathfinders is what Jordan calls the scavengers at the Tower. Despite having a high position in the Tower pecking order, DogNut doesn't feel he is respected enough and so sets out to gain respect by looking for their missing friends and returning a hero. He gained his name because of his gamertag.
  • Kyle - Kyle is one of Ed's lieutenants in the guard section of the Tower and acts as his personal bodyguard, constantly following him about. He is described with a bit of a squared head and also being very tough and a good fighter. He has dyslexia and is heavily implied to be a sociopath.
  • Courtney - Courtney is one of the survivors of the boat crash and is also best friends with Brooke. She has grown a crush on DogNut over the last year and is only going on the adventure to get some time with DogNut relatively alone.
  • Marco and Felix - Marco and Felix are DogNut's best friends and are constantly with him. Marco is kind to everyone and would be more popular if he didn't hang around with Felix, whereas Felix is constantly saying horrible things to people, this causes him and Marco to get into a lot of fights. Marco wears a World War II German helmet, and uses a spear, and Felix uses a sword.
  • Finn - Finn is a tall strong boy, who is friendly and kind. He goes along with DogNut on the mission to find his missing friends, he has an injured arm in the third book which is in a sling, this means he is mostly unable to do much, which really annoys him, as he feels powerless. He remains at the Natural History Museum.
  • Olivia - Olivia is a small girl, about ten years old, she goes with DogNut across London to find her older brother Paul. She is quite incapable of looking after herself, is very whiny and slows the group down a fair bit. During the first encounter with The Collector, she is trapped. She hides from The Collector by the window. She faints from being scared and falls to her death. It is discovered that The Collector found her body and partially ate it. It is then found by Marco and Felix when they come back for her.
  • Al - Al joins DogNut's gang to go find his missing sister Maria, he is described as being ugly and a good fighter. He leaves DogNut's group at Buckingham palace as he wishes to stay with his sister after he finds her.
  • Jessica - Jessica wants to come with DogNut's gang to get away from her ex-boyfriend, Brendan. She is the same age as DogNut. Later, she stays at Buckingham Palace as she gets worried.
  • Leo - Leo was a brave but clumsy boy who often joined DogNut on scavenging missions.
  • Tomoki Ford - Part of Jordan Hordern's captains, he is Captain of the Tower Watch. He is described as a boy of oriental features and was the original leader of the Tower.

  • Brendan Eldridge - A boy from the Tower, he is exiled by Jordan for stealing food which he gave to a girl to impress her. He is well liked in the Tower, but seems largely viewed as a coward.

  • Hayden - Part of the Tower Guard Regiment, she goes with Ed to rescue a group of trapped kids from sickos, and also journeys with him to find Sam and The Kid. Not much is known about her other than she is sporty. She along with Partha dies during the Battle of Hyde Park.
  • Macca - Part of the Tower Guard Regiment, he goes with Ed to rescue a group of trapped kids from sickos, and also journeys with him to find Sam and The Kid. He is said to have a similar sense of humour to Kyle's and uses a crossbow. In The Hunted, it is revealed his real name is William McIntyre.
  • Will - Part of the Tower Guard Regiment, he goes with Ed to rescue a group of trapped kids from sickos, and also journeys with him to find Sam and The Kid. He is said to be intelligent and level headed, and also uses a crossbow like Macca. Hinted to get into a relationship with Achilleus in The End. This book also reveals that he was one of Jordan's original crew at the Imperial War Museum.
  • Adele - Part of the Tower Guard Regiment, she goes with Ed to rescue a group of trapped kids from sickos, and also journeys with him to find Sam and The Kid. She is said to act very girly, and dresses in bright pink, but despite this is said to be one of the Tower's toughest fighters.   
  • Partha and Kinsey - Two of Hayden's friends, they are part of the Tower Guard Regiment and are fast runners. They accompany Ed to rescue a group of trapped kids from sickos. Hayden and Partha both died in the Battle of Hyde Park.
  • Captain Reynolds - Captain of the Service Corps, not mentioned further. 
  • Ali - A quiet, curly haired girl. She is part of the Tower Guard Regiment. 
  • Keren - A boy who takes over as the captain of the Pathfinders while DogNut is away. 
  • Zosia - Brendan's new girlfriend after he breaks up with Jessica. She gets drunk from vodka and throws a fit to protest Jordan's decision to exile Brendan. 
  • Carly - A girl mentioned once as a member of the Tower Guard Regiment. 
  • Kate - A girl mentioned once as a member of the Tower Guard Regiment. 
  • Abdullah - A boy who greets the returning Tower boys and hunters in The End. 
  • Jim and Hugo - Jordan's young assistants who stay by his side and help him with his blindness. They are intimidated by him.  In the U.S. version, Jim is called Tom.

Natural History Museum kids

The kids at the Natural History Museum are run by a boy named Justin and are heavily interested in discovering the cure to the disease and to also understand it. They have few fighters don't leave the Museum very often. They grow crops in one of the courtyards of the nearby Victoria and Albert Museum and raid the museum for clothes, jewellery, weapons and items of interest.  

  • Brooke - One of the reasons why DogNut set out on his adventure was to find Brooke. Her hair has faded to its natural brown colour. She goes with the Tower of London kids on their journey back home but is wounded in the attack. She is revealed to be the girl that the Holloway Crew rescue in The Enemy, and the one who convinces Maxie and Blue to leave Buckingham Palace.  
  • Justin - "The king of nerds". He is the leader of the Museum kids and is originally from Rowhurst with Ed, Kwanele and others, but came to London due to sickos. He runs all the duties as the leader, and is bad at communicating with people who are not from his group. He originally started the Brain's Trust, which seeks to understand and one day cure the disease. 
  • Einstein - A tall boy, who is considered handsome except for his yellow and black teeth, his real name is Orlando Epstein. He is fascinated with biology and hopes to better understand the disease and also one day cure it. He is rude and sarcastic. Einstein leads the Museum Kid's search to find a cure and the expedition to Promithios. Keen to show off, he is not well liked by anyone but is important due to his knowledge of the disease.  
  • Robbie - The museums head of security. Has a flat, broken nose and spiked hair, he wears a leather jacket. He is described as quite short and doesn't posses any intuition to be in charge, as he doesn't feel like a born leader. 
  • Jackson - A 13 year-old stocky girl with a face like potato and has closed cropped hair. She is the best fighter at the Natural History Museum and nice to people. She wields a spear with a sharp end. Has a crush on Achilleus.
  • Chris Marker - A boy originally from Rowhurst, he came to the Natural History Museum with Justin and Brooke. He calls himself "The Libarian", and is writing a book known as "The Chronicles of Survival" about the lives of the kids who survived the initial outbreak and how they have been living. He sees books as the future and likes to lose himself to them, he is likely schizophrenic.  
  • Paul Channing - A boy of fifteen, he has a little sister named Olivia and is unaware of where she is as they got separated, he takes care of the sickos in the Tesco lorry. He is quite attached to the sickos and is generally shunned by the other Museum kids. 
  • Kwanele - Also originally from Rowhurst, he is black and is obsessed with fashion, he makes and fits all the Museum kids clothes and also makes his own. He doesn't fight and is considered useless by everyone. Most of the other boys dislike him for is lack of work and swanning about. 
  • Zohra - A young girl, she has a younger brother named Froggie and is originally from somewhere in the country, she travelled into London by coach with Brooke, Ed, Jack and Greg. She is nine years old. 
  • Froggie - Zohra's younger brother, he too is originally from the country and came to London by coach. He is amazed by the London Eye and always wished to see it. He is seven years old. 
  • Wiki - A boy around twelve or thirteen, he seems to know everything and so is called Wiki, his real name is Thomas. He, like Ed, Justin and Kwanele, is originally from Rowhurst. 
  • Jibber-Jabber - Wiki's best friend, he is also around his age and can't seem to stop talking. He believes that the best place in London to survive in would be the Tower of London, and is also from Rowhurst originally. His real name is Arthur. 
  • Lettis Slingsbury - A girl who went along with Blue to the Promithios warehouse. She was told by Chris Marker to write a journal. She likes Ollie.
  • Boggle - Polish kid, third in command of Robbie's security group.
  • Cameron - A lazy guard of Robbie's security group.
  • Samira - A girl who always wanted to be a doctor so becomes the nurse for the Museum Kids. She has a head scarf.
  • Alexander - A boy who helps Samira but is not nearly as talented. He is Cass's boyfriend.
  • Cass - A girl who is Alexander's girlfriend and helps Samira.
  • Emily Winter - Einstein's second in command who doesn't have much to say for herself.
  • Gordy - Einstein's best friend is in charge of the research while he is away.
  • Reece - A boy who joins the expedition to Promithios that remains at the church.
  • Daryl Painter - A boy who gets stuck with Lettis on the roof of The Church on the Promithios expedition. He tries to make a run for it, leaving Lettis alone on the roof.
  • James Stornay - A scientist boy who was killed by Paul Channing. He is two years older than Wiki and Jibber-Jabber.
  • Jamie - A boy who was strangled in the cellar by Paul Channing and later eaten by adults. He is thirteen.
  • Jason Hickley - A boy who dies when the sickos get into the museum.
  • Emma Hudson - A girl who is strangled by Paul during the attack when the sickos get inside.
  • Stacey Norman - A girl who is counted as missing after the attack when the sickos get inside.
  • Ethan - A boy who was one of the survivors of the attack when DogNut was returning to the Tower from the museum.
  • Jasmine - A girl who stays behind in the church on the expedition to Promithios. She is noted to be religious.
  • Casper Leverson - A boy who joins the expedition to Promithios but becomes injured in the legs during a dog attack. His injury forces the group to split in half with one half staying at a church and the other half continuing to Promithios.
  • Gabby - A girl who joins the expedition to Promithios that dies in a dog attack after being bit in the neck.
  • Thomas Hopgood - A boy mentioned once that lives at the museum. He is presumably the Thomas who attends World Book Day.
  • Aiyshah - A girl who joins the expedition to Promithios that remains at the church.
  • Bradley - A boy who joins the expedition to Promithios that remains at the church.
  • Scott - A boy who joins the expedition to Promithios that remains at the church.
  • Demi - A girl who joins the expedition to Promithios that remains at the church.
  • Hattie - A girl who celebrates World Book Day that is also Alice's sister. She is mentioned in Geeks vs. Zombies.
  • Alice - A girl who celebrates World Book Day that is also Hattie's sister. She is mentioned in Geeks vs. Zombies.
  • Geta - A girl who works on finding a cure in the laboratory at the museum.
  • Alicia - A girl who accidentally pours boiling water on her legs. Whitney goes to help her giving Paddy and the Young-Bloods a chance to get outside.


The are many groups of hunters, the most notable being Ryan Aherne's group, who are known to kill sickos and wear their skins. They use dogs as a way of sniffing out sickos and fighting them and are some of the best fighters in West London. They fight for settlements in return for payment in the form of shelter or food. 

  • Ryan Aherne - Leader of the hunters, he is a tall, kid with a scarred pockmarked face from acne, however he usually covers it with a human face which he presumably skinned off an adult. He uses a club which is banded by metal strips.
  • Zulficker - Possibly Ryan's second in command, and a possible love interest. He is said to have the best ears in the group and wields a crowbar with a sharpened end. He is first mentioned in The End. He also knows a little bit about Shadowman.
  • Dom - A large boy with a pudgy face. He is in charge of a smaller sub-unit in the hunter group.
  • Torchboy - A boy who helps clear out the Serpentine Gallery. He has a flashlight and smoke bombs. In the U.S. version, he is called Flashlight Boy.

Houses of Parliament kids

The kids from the Houses of Parliament mostly vote on things and their leaders and have little fighters, relying mostly on the hunters. It is shown that they rarely leave the confines of the Houses, and they have some knowledge of what lies within the No Go Zone.

  • Nicola - Prime minister at the House of Parliament. Described as being pretty with red hair and green eyes. She respects David but doesn't like him and it is suggested that she has feelings for Ed. Meets her demise in The End, after David shoots her for rejecting him.
  • Bozo - Wears a policeman's helmet and is usually found on guard at the gates, he blames everything on the fact that he's an idiot. He was once one of the Cathedral kids, but left them and joined Parliament prior to the events of The Fear. Bozo dies in the Battle of Hyde Park.
  • Buzz Cut - A boy with a buzz cut and no front teeth, who informs Ed about Mad Matt's religion, and that Bozo came from it. It is possible that he is the character below, having shaved.
  • Ponytail - A boy with a wispy growth on his lip, no front teeth and a ponytail, who seems to be Nicola's second-in-command in The Fear. He mentions that he came to Parliament after the fire in south London at the end of The Dead.

Cathedral kids

The Cathedral kids (also known as The Greens) live within St Paul's Cathedral and mostly follow the religion of their leader Mad Matt, who believes in a new god and devil who shall rid the world of the disease. They all wear green and have built a large wall about the Cathedral. They have a well stocked food supply and constantly make "music" as part of their religion.  

  • Matt Palmer - Called "Mad Matt" by people not from the Cathedral, he is the leader in a new religion which sees the reincarnated versions of god and the devil in two small boys. He is considered insane and has a scab on his forehead which he believes is the sign of the Lamb, the reincarnated god.
  • Archie Bishop - A large boy and Matt's right hand man. His father used to be a priest and so he has been raised on religion, though he doesn't seem to be as convinced as Matt in there being an actual deity. 
  • Tish - Sent by Matt to infiltrate the Tower, she is fourteen and dresses all in green, with a scab on her forehead. She is distraught over the death of her friend Louise. 
  • Louise - One of the kids sent to infiltrate the Tower, she is accidentally killed by Ed. She was close friends with Tish.  
  • Nathan - The head of defence and security at the Cathedral, he doesn't believe in Matt's religion and is more level headed. 
  • Yo-Yo/Charlotte - Nine year old girl who is good at playing the violin and quickly becomes The Kid's friend, even though she isn't supposed to speak to him. 
  • Harry Ryan - Harry is one of Matt's Acolytes, and is good at drawing, but can't spell very well. He drew the banner for Matt's religion. It is not made clear if he survived and made it to St. Paul's or died at Lambeth Bridge.  
  • Nev - A boy who broke his back by falling off the top of the Cathedral during a repair job. He was sacrificed to Wormwood.  
  • Phil - Matt's youngest acolyte in The Dead. It is not made clear if he survived and made it to St. Paul's or died at Lambeth Bridge.  

IKEA kids

The IKEA kids live in an IKEA warehouse somewhere near the Gladstone Park area in West London. They are lead by Saif and have massed cars in order to fight and find supplies.  

  • Saif - A boy who looks like Jack Sparrow, he is arrogant and cocky and distrusts Shadowman. He decides to attack the Fear, which goes horribly wrong. It is later revealed in The End that he survived St. George's army. 
  • Ricky - One of the IKEA's fighters and scavengers. He wears a stab proof vest and drove the car on the supply search with Jaz and Jonny.
  • Jaz - Another of the IKEA's fighters and scavengers. She wears jeans and leather with pads on her elbows and knees. 
  • Johnny - Also a member of the IKEA scavengers that Shadowman encounters. He is described with long hair tied back and similar clothes to Jaz.
  • Dan - An IKEA kid who seems more reasonable than Saif. He introduces himself to Shadowman when he wakes up.

The Twisted Kids

A group of kids that live in the Promithios warehouse, near Heathrow Airport. They were the sons and daughters of Promithios scientists that became exposed to the parasites that cause the virus. This exposure caused mutations to occur in the womb and left each kid mutated in their own way. They have had little exposure to kids before Einstein and Blue's science expedition discovers them.

  • Trinity - Conjoined triplets, Trey (Boy), Trio (Girl) and Mister Three (Boy). Trey and Trio look like two normal kids while Mister Three looks like a small shrunken tumorous thing on their back. They visit the museum and accompany Ed to the Beeches in hopes of curing the disease.
  • TV Boy - "The boy on the floor walked closer to them in a crouch, using his hands. His limbs were loose and awkward; they moved in odd ways almost as if they had extra joints. His head wobbled. His back snaked from side to side." He can imitate voices very well and loves to show off.
  • Warehouse Queen - In charge of The Twisted Kids, she is quiet, expressionless and watchful. She sits on a sort of throne, wears some sort of robe and has a ring of boney growths on top her bald skull.
  • Monstar - "The boy wonder is Monstar. Half monster, all star. And he will kick your ass inside out if you step out of line." He wears only a pair of ragged jeans. His body is huge and bulging with muscle however they look lumpy and misshapen.
  • Fish-Face - She is very shy and has a normal body but a strange fish-like head, her eyes are pushed around to the side and she has a wide, wet mouth. She visits the museum and recognises Wormwood as her father. Her real name is Fiona Wormold.
  • Spider Boy - He has tiny legs and a huge round body.
  • Betty Bubble - She has an impossibly thin frame with a head that looks like a huge round ball.
  • Legs - She has legs that look like they are over a metre long with a tiny body on top.
  • The Pink Surfer - One of his legs looks like it has grown into a long wide blob.
  • Flubberguts - It seems like she has her guts growing outside her body, covered by a thin, almost transparent membrane.
  • Skinner - A funny boy who quickly makes friends with Paddy and Achilleus. He has a slightly hunched posture and has stretched skin hanging off of him in loose sheets. He also has a pet smokey grey cat. He explains the nature of the disease to Ollie. He visits the museum with the returning expedition kids.
  • Pencil-Neck - A boy with a very long neck and snakelike body. He is described by Skinner as "the worst" and has gone feral, living away from the other Twisted Kids somewhere in Promithios. It is possible he has forgotten how to talk.

Brockridge Park kids

  • Rav - The leader of the Brockridge Park group. He saves Malik by handing him over to Dr. Catell.
  • Abby - A girl who was trapped with Malik in Dr. Catell's lab due to her broken arm.
  • Henry - A boy with an unlabelled mental disability, a shaved head, and muscles. He is kicked out of the Brockridge Park group by vote because of food shortages and travels to Slough with Malik. He disappears and is later rediscovered as the Ascot fighter in the last gladiator event of the Ascot Races.
  • Susannah - A girl who has large glasses and permanently runny nose. She is said to be emotionally distant but later has a manic episode. She is kicked out of the Brockridge Park group by vote because of food shortages and attempts to go to Slough with Malik.
  • Andy - A wheel chair-bound boy with cerebral palsy. He is kicked out of the Brockridge Park group by vote because of food shortages and travels to Slough with Malik.

Bracknell kids

Their Ascot races team colour is green.

  • Isaac Hills - A boy with a bruised and bandaged face that encounters Ella and Malik. He has a strong belief that he will eventually be eaten. He later helps Ed find Ella after encountering him in the King's Road event of the Ascot Races.
  • Harry - A short boy who has an annoying habit of mimicking things people say to him. He wears a Northface jacket with "Kill all zombies", "Ladies' man" and "I will eat you" written on it. He is part of the group of Bracknell kids that encounter Ella and Malik.
  • Louisa - She is Sonya's sister and part of the group of Bracknell kids that encounter Ella and Malik.
  • Sonya - She is Louisa's sister and part of the group of Bracknell kids that encounter Ella and Malik.
  • Daniel - A boy of 15 with a round spotty face. He unofficially leads the group of Bracknell kids that encounter Ella and Malik.

Slough kids

Their Ascot races team colour is red.

Arbour Vale

  • Josa - Leader of the Slough group, she has a husky voice, pointed face, clever eyes and she is missing her front teeth. She also has a scar on her top lip and a mangled ear. She was Tyler Keene's girlfriend and shortly after he died she gave birth to their son, who she named after him.
  • Kenton - Second in command of the Slough group. He is cocky and heavily covered in DIY tattoos. He is armed with a shotgun for a time, wears a sleeveless jean jacket, and has a shaved head.
  • Tyler Keene Jr. - The baby son of Tyler Keene and Josa, he is named after his father.

Trading estate factory

  • Tyler Keene - Originally in charge of the group in a factory in the trading estate with his sadistic girlfriend Josa. He was a fat kid with curly hair and an arrogant attitude. "He was a vicious psychopath," and he was also a mean fighter.

Windsor kids

A large group of kids that live in Windsor castle. They are led by the Golden Twins. They are known for often winning the Ascot races and acting snobbish. Their Ascot races team colour is yellow or gold.

  • Golden Girl - Originally named Jessica Roberts-Wilding, she is one of the Golden Twins along with her twin brother Golden Boy. She rides a white horse and has black and gold armour. She is a decent horsewoman and rides in the Big Kahuna.
  • Golden Boy - One of the Golden twins that leads the kids at Windsor Castle. His last name is Roberts-Wilding but his first name is yet to be released. Like his twin sister, he rides a white horse and has black and gold armour. He is suspected to be a good fighter as he competes in the final gladiator tournament during the Ascot races.
  • Go-Girl - Originally from London near the Notting Hill area, she moved west and left behind her friends Shadowman and Jester. She is in charge of organising food, weapons, and medicine inside the castle. She claims that she had her nickname before Golden Girl and seems to resent Golden Girl for having a similar nickname. Her friends call her Go, for short. She is a decent horsewoman and competes in the Big Kahuna during the Ascot races.
  • Veda - A girl who originally belonged to the Ascot group and was team captain. She didn't fit in well and joined Windsor.

Maidenhead kids

Consisting of many practising Christians, they are compared to the Cathedral Kids. They are the only group that doesn't later aid Ed. Their Ascot races team colour is blue.

So far, no individuals have been named.

Sandhurst kids

The smallest western group, they are known for dressing like a biker gang. During the races they smoke, drink, fight, and party with anyone, apparently not as suspicious of outsiders. They are compared to Ryan's hunter gang often. Their Ascot races team colour is black.

  • Dara - The leader of the Sandhurst group. He is dressed in black leather, jeans and big boots.

Ascot kids

Based in an old hospital behind the Ascot horse racing track, the group is led by The Mad King. The Mad King is a puppet monarch however and the real decisions are made by Arno Fletcher. The group is known for being the misfit group and for creating and running the races. Their Ascot races team colour is white.

  • The Mad King - A boy with some disability, a large body, watery eyes, heavy brow and a stiff walk. He is the proxy leader of the Ascot kids but doesn't speak often and what he says is nonsense that Arno Fletcher interprets.
  • Arno Fletcher - A small, skinny boy with long hair who is a born politician. He is the true leader of the Ascot kids and was the inventor of the Ascot Races.
  • Sophie - See Sophie's Group Sophie profile.
  • Green - A fat boy who participates in the King's Road event of the Ascot races.
  • Sean - A tall, well-built boy who joins Kyle in the Royal Tournament event of the Ascot races.
  • Henry - See Brickridge Park kids Henry profile.

Notting Hill kids

  • Jester - See Palace kids Jester profile.
  • Shadowman - A boy of fifteen, he is a self sufficient survivor, who acts as a spy for Jester, in return for a guaranteed home at the Palace whenever he needs it. He wears a cloak that is camouflaged to the city to help him remain undetected, and also carries a laptop bag, which he keeps his items in. He is known to be very secretive, and enjoys spying on people and watching from a distance, trying to stay away from getting close to people. Not many people know his real name (Dylan Peake) and he uses a different identity for every settlement. He carries a crossbow, machete, three knives and on occasion a club. His only known friends are Jester and Go-Girl.
  • Go-Girl - See Windsor kids Go-Girl profile.
  • Cool-man - A member of the band The Twilight Zone. He died in the early days of the disease.
  • Big-man - A member of the band The Twilight Zone. He died in the early days of the disease.
  • The Fox - A member of the band The Twilight Zone. They died in the early days of the disease.
  • Persephone - A girl from a group based in Notting Hill during the early days of the outbreak, which initially also contained Jester, Shadowman, Rose and Anita. She teaches Jester how to make patchwork from the pieces of clothing of dead kids, starting with her sister. Jester continues this tradition after she is killed.
  • Anita - A girl from a group based in Notting Hill during the early days of the outbreak, which initially also contained Jester, Shadowman, Rose and Persephone. She is the original leader, and eventually became corrupt with power and started making rash decisions, which caused her death and the deaths of others. Shadowman compares her to Saif.
  • Rose - See Palace kids Rose profile.

Other kids

These kids either don't belong to any particular group, mix groups, or have yet to join any. They usually do not remain in one area and are of particular note. 

  • The Kid - A boy of nine, he is close friends with Small Sam, and they both adventure together. He wears a woman's jacket and likes to dress oddly, and also speaks in a jumbled way. He has wiry hair and uses a sword as a weapon until it is broken in half. He is dirty all the time and used to live in the Tube and tunnels under London. 
  • Rhiannon - A girl around Sam's age, she is quite large and can't move very well. She is kept prisoner by the cannibals Nick and Rachel and enjoys many of the things Sam likes. 
  • Jason and Claire - Twins around Sam's age, they are weak and cannot move easily, they too are also prisoners of Nick and Rachel's and both don't want to leave and ignore the warnings of what Nick and Rachel are. 
  • Mark Watkins - A boy who had been kept prisoner by Nick and Rachel. When Rhiannon arrived at their train, Mark was very weak, and he was killed and eaten soon after.  
  • Malik Hussein - Originally one of the Rowhurst boys, Ed's friend, Muslim, thought to be dead, although we later find out in The Hunted that he survived the grownup attack and was saved by Rav and his group from Brockridge Park while they were looting his body. He looks like a chewed up dog toy because of his dead eye, scars, and missing fingers that he received in the attack near the Fez. He lives by himself and is most often thought to be a grown-up. He wears militia style clothing and is vicious in a fight. He also knows various survival techniques that he learned from the adults that took him in on their farm. He originally lived in Slough with three sisters. 
  • Zahra, Ameena and Nadia - Malik's sisters whom Malik discovers dead in their beds once returning to his house. 
  • Altan - One of Lewis's friends from before the virus, who died while stealing a scooter. 
  • Tommy - A boy who was thought to be being healed by Dr. Catell. It is later discovered that he was being eaten alive while being preserved by medicine.   
  • Charlie Piper - Big Mick's friend from before the disease that he once went camping with. He is mentioned in a flashback during The Fallen.   
  • Ant - Big Mick's little brother. He had been in the hospital due to sepsis when the disease first breaks out. He is presumed dead.   
  • Daragh - Paddy's older brother who died before any of the books take place because he caught the disease. Paddy used to use his weights.   
  • Dan - Ed's older brother who dies before any of the books take place because he caught the disease.   
  • Maxine - A girl who went to the same school as Franny, and was really into horses.   

Extinct groups

This section is about groups that once existed but no longer do due to death, separation or changes.

Note: Some of the characters here are in other sections due to changing their groups and so may not be linked here, though they shall be linked in their first mentioned section.

Rowhurst boys

  • Ed Carter - See Tower Kid's Ed profile. 
  • Jack - A boy of fourteen, he has a red birthmark on his cheek, and is quick to anger. His best friend is Ed, who he feels slightly bitter towards. However later on in the book, it's shown truly how strong their bond is. He is a good fighter and a caring person who wishes to help people if he can, even if it puts him at a disadvantage. He is a main character of The Dead and is mentioned in other books. He hopes to make it home to his house in South London, so he can be reminded of the past and stop himself becoming a monster. 
  • Bam - One of Jack and Ed's friends, he is always on top of things and constantly happy. He rarely becomes upset or angry and does his best to look after his friends. Before the disease broke out he would hang out with his rugby mates, and it is said he is one of the few things that holds everyone together as a team. He uses a shotgun commonly. His full name is Harry "Bam" Bamford. 
  • Matt Palmer - See Cathedral kids Matt profile. 
  • Archie Bishop - See Cathedral kids Archie profile. 
  • Johnno - One of Bam's friends, he is a rugby player and is described as one of the few Rowhurst boys with any knowledge on girls. He likes old rock bands such as Led Zeppelin. 
  • Piers - A friend of Bam's, he has red hair and is considered a good fighter. 
  • Anthony Sullivan - One of Bam's rugby friends, he has a twin named Damien and is considered a tough guy and fighter. 
  • Damien Sullivan - Another of Bam's rugby friends, he is Anthony's brother and is very strong and tough. 
  • Kwanele - See Natural History Museum kids Kwanele profile. 
  • Justin - See Natural History Museum kids Justin profile. 
  • Chris Marker - See Natural History Museum kids Chris profile. 
  • Wiki - See Natural History Museum kids Wiki profile 
  • Frederique - See named sickos Frederique profile. 
  • Jibber-Jabber - See Natural History Museum kids Jibber-Jabber profile. 
  • Malik Hussein - See other kids Malik profile.  
  • Jamey, Adam and Will - A few boys from Rowhurst who were killed by infected teachers during the early stages of the outbreak.  
  • Stanley - A boy from the church, who did not believe Matt's ravings about the Lamb.  
  • Jacob - A boy with asthma, who died of carbon monoxide poisoning in the church.  
  • Harry Ryan - Harry is one of Matt's Acolytes, and is good at drawing, but can't spell very well.  
  • Phil - Matt's youngest acolyte.  

Imperial War Museum kids

  • Jordan Hordern - See Tower Kids Jordan Hordern profile.
  • DogNut - See Tower Kids DogNut profile.
  • Marco - See Tower Kids Marco profile.
  • Felix - See Tower Kids Felix profile
  • Will - See Tower Kids Will profile

Coach party

Main article: Coach party
  • Greg - See Named Sickos St. George profile.
  • Brooke - See Natural History Museum Brooke profile.
  • Aleisha - A small black girl, who along with her friends Brooke and Courtney came from France on a coach and was saved by the butcher, Greg. She is caring and loving and gets along very well with the younger children. 
  • Courtney - See Tower Kids Courtney Profile.
  • Liam - A small boy around twelve, who is slightly overweight and is the son of Greg. He wears white wire spectacles and is often embarrassed by his dad's argumentative attitude. 
  • Zohra - See Natural History Museum Zohra profile. 
  • Froggie - See Natural History Museum Froggie profile.  

Sickos and adults

St George and his lieutenants

  • St George/Greg - A fat father, his real name is Greg, and he had a son named Liam, until he killed him to keep him safe. He is named after his St George shirt and his wire frame spectacles. He is one of the smartest sickos and has formed a large army of sickos, named 'The Fear' by Shadowman.
  • One-Armed Bandit - He has no shirt and is one of St George's lieutenants. He has one arm, which is where his name comes from. He is killed by Shadowman when he and a bunch of other sickos discover his hiding place in a building. His identity before he was infected is unknown. He is a smart sicko as he could use a stone to try and hit Shadowman.
  • Bluetooth - One of St. George's bodyguards, he wears a suit with a Bluetooth earpiece, which he is named after.
  • Man U - One of the smarter sickos who works with St George. He wears a Manchester United football shirt.
  • Spike - The last of St George's personal guard. Shadowman describes him as being completely ordinary with no obvious nickname. He finally gets one when Shadowman fires a crossbow bolt into a crowd of sickos and it lodges in Spike's shoulder. He is later seen fighting in the battle, armed with two machetes.
  • The Gray Lady - Ghost from the Museum that is considered to be a bookkeeper of sorts.

Other sickos

  • The Collector - One of the main villains in The Fear, he is a large fat father with a beard, who collects children and tortures them, to the point of killing them, then disfigures them to make them in to decoys 
  • Pez - A sicko from The Dead, he is missing his bottom jaw, making him look like a Pez dispenser.
  • Frederique - A girl who is sixteen, she becomes a sicko part way through The Dead, and is originally from France. She is found by Jack and Ed, who recognise her as Monseigneur Morel's daughter. She joins them on their way to the Imperial War Museum. 
  • Mother with Sunglasses - Leader of the Gym Bunnies, a particularly tough group of sickos, who slowly become immune to the sun. She wears dark sunglasses and wields a knife she took off Marco. 
  • The Green Man/Wormwood - Known as the Green Man, he is a intelligent sicko, who has knowledge on the cause of the disease from his job at Promithios, and is kept prisoner by the Cathedral kids. Formerly known as Mr. Wormold he is later revealed to be Fish-Face's father. 
  • Stumpy - A male sentinel seen by Shadowman, with a missing hand. 
  • Stickboy - A male sicko with a cane, which is later taken by Shadowman. 
  • Seamus - Intelligent as to have the ability to speak, wears an eye patch and appears to be not diseased. He and three other men were locked in a cage at Promithios. 
  • Animal Man - A sicko with cats and other animals tied to his belt. He breaks into the church and kills the expedition kids. Later, he attacks Ollie and helps him find Lettis's book. 
  • Threesome - Three sickos that work together. They have two arms in total and prop up the centre body which bites people to death. Along with the animal man they attack the church, but they were the first to notice kids in the area. 
  • Cheryl Cole, Simon Foul and Louis Corpse - The three sickos locked up in the Tesco truck by the Natural History Museum kids. They are named after the X-Factor judges. Cheryl is described as having little hair and growths around her head. Simon Foul is only described as liking to bite.  
  • Tall Woman - A mother from the west who leads her own army like St. George. She is very tall, thin and has straight grey hair that covers her face. When she does make eye contact she can paralyse kids similar to the Gorgon monster Medusa or lure kids closer into her herd. She joins up with St. George and is said to nag him although she seems the cooler headed and more aware.  

Cannibal adults

  • Nick - Nick lives in the Underground of London in a carriage with Rachel his wife and both are cannibals. He carries a shotgun and knife, and is described as very tall.
  • Rachel - Nick's wife, she too is a cannibal and feeds children so that she can eat them. She is described as plump, but is considered very dangerous like her husband. 
  • Dr. Chris Catell - The doctor that takes in injured kids including Tommy, Malik and Abby. He later turns into a sicko and starts to eat Tommy alive while keeping him on life support.  
  • Mel and Janey - Two nurses that try to aid Dr. Chris Catell. Both of them turn into sickos and are dealt with by Dr. Catell. Janey in particular cries all the time and is the second to turn. 

Survivalists at Malik's farm

  • Roy Peachy - Malik's favourite adult who was wounded in the groin. He teaches Malik how to survive, is a bit fat and has a red beard. He is the last to get sick and is shot by Malik. 
  • Waggers - Fourth to get sick after being attacked by Tomasz. He is smothered in his sleep by Roy. 
  • Tomasz - Third to get sick and be killed by Malik. He is from Eastern Europe, has an accent and is the youngest of the men.  
  • Brian - The second to get sick and be killed. 
  • Mike - The first to get sick. He was shot by Tomasz after going berserk and attacking Roy. 

The Beeches

  • Amelia Dropmore - A ninety-two year old in charge of the old peoples home, The Beeches, she is an old woman with white wispy hair. In her youth she was a scientist, she trained at Cambridge in the Department of Experimental Medicine and when the sickness hit she was pulled out of retirement to work on a cure.
  • Norman Hunter - A retired doctor.
  • Dorothy - Amelia's sister, diagnosed with Alzheimer's.