Boney-M is a hallucination that Paul has, and gives a voice to the Disease. He looks like a oily black zombie bird. He first appears in The Fallen, and reappears for a bit in The End. He is constantly mean to Paul, and encourages him to kill the other kids. Only Paul can see him. There are a few theories on why he is a bird, like a bird eating bugs metaphor, or a plague doctor theme.

Physical Appearance Edit

Boney-M looks like a mix of a bird, fossil and squashed dead animal, with a bit of lizard, fish and ghost mixed in. He has black flesh, leathery skin and grey bones, with the bones showing due to his broken and ripped apart appearance. He is extremely oily. He has tattered, skeletal, broken and leathery wings with greasy feathers that glint in the moonlight. Boney-M’s head is nasty, twisted and boney, with beady black eyes. His long beak is lined with vicious little teeth, and he has a little tongue that wiggles around. He has claws and he uses the tips of his wing bones as a second pair of legs. His wings and head make an M shape. Due to the fact that he is a hallucination, he is dark and shadowy.


Art by Lavenderstar the Dragon


Art by Lavenderstar the Dragon

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