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Boggle is a notable and rather major character in the series. Taking his most notable role in The Fallen. He is Polish kid who lives in the Natural History Museum along with many other kids. He is a good fighter.

He wields a thin sword with inlaid decoration and the end snapped off as his weapon.


He was nicknamed 'Boggle' by Justin as his real Polish name is to hard to pronounce for most, being long and having to many consonants consecutively.


Boggle is stocky, chunky and muscular which lends well to him fighting. Blue describes Boggle's hair as a stubbly and light. It is of a shade that means that you can not see where his hair ends and his skin.

Affiliations with other characters

  • Emma - a friend of Boggle's, he cries when he sees her body.
  • Jackson - she respects him and trusts him as a fighter.
  • Robbie - he sits on him during his operation and helps him out a lot afterwards. Robbie says he thinks of Boggle as his friend. He also sometimes calls him 'Boggo.'
  • Justin - friends, Justin gave him the name 'Boggle'.