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Big Mick is a big, tough kid and is Blue's right hand man. Blue and Big Mick become friends in the earlier days of the disease and are in charge of the kids at Morrison's. He lives through The Enemy and makes it to the Natural History Museum. Blue, Big Mick, Ollie, Achilleus and a mix of kids from the museum and Holloway go to Heathrow to get medicine for Einstein. He dies after multiple wounds and a cut on his arm he got from elbowing a sicko in the jaw.

Before the Enemy

Not much about Big Mick's past is revealed in The Enemy as he is a side-character, however in The Fallen, he becomes more of a main character and describes parts of his past. He reveals he had a little brother named Ant who was hospitalised after blood poisoning and almost died. When the disease first struck, Big Mick's mother was the first in the family to get sick. His mother then killed his father and his mother was "taken away" as Big Mick explains. Soon after that, Big Mick tried to rescue Ant from the hospital but failed because all patients and doctors had caught the disease and the hospital was brought to chaos.

The Enemy

In The Enemy, Big Mick is mainly Blue's bodyguard and friend. After Arran and the scavenger party where walking back from the pool, they met up with Blue and Big Mick who were also scavenging. Arran thinks of Big Mick as the Morrison's equivalent of Achilleus. Big Mick is described in various situations in The Enemy but Big Mick just remains a side-character. After helping Lewis, Achilleus, Whitney and Ollie with their plan to leave Buckingham Palace along with the rest of the Holloway Crew.

The Fallen

The Fallen picks up right where the Enemy left off. The Holloway Crew makes it to the Natural History Museum and immediately faced with the task of helping to clear out the museum of the adults Paul let in. Big Mick helps in a fight with Blue, Maxie and Lewis. A few days after, Justin gives the Holloway Crew a mission to go with Einstein to Heathrow to get medicine and other things Einstein needs for research. Big Mick goes with Blue, Achileus, Ollie and his shooters, Einstein, Jackson, three kids in Big Mick's gang and nine others from the museum who just went along for fun.

They have a series of encounters with adults but no real big threat. However, one of the museum kids gets his foot injured badly and the fighters decide to secure the Museum Kids in a church so they wouldn't slow the fighters down by getting hurt. The rest of the group eventually made it to a laboratory in Heathrow near the airport. However, a group of highly diseased adults trying to break down a fence to the lab. The group handles them quickly but one sicko almost gets Big Mick. Mick managed to elbow it in the face, but the sicko's teeth cut his arm.

Once inside, Mick and his gang volunteer to stay at the door to guard their exit. Blue was a little worried about it, but Mick managed to persuade him. A few hours later a group of thirty cats start clawing at the door, Mick, feeling a bit anxious, went outside to try to kill as many cats as he could. He managed to get the alpha cat when a large group of sickos ambush him. One of the kids in Mick's gang named Jake comes outside to help him. Big Mick manages to take down the closest sickos when one of the sickos stabs him in the back of the neck with a large glass shard.

Light-headed and losing blood fast, Mick chases after a group of sickos who captured Jake. A few chapters later, he finds himself wondering through a small forest carrying a shoe that belonged to Jake. Mick figures Jake died and tries to head back to the lab and ends up getting lost. Mick finds himself on a runway at Heathrow Airport where he later collapses and dies from blood loss.