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Attacks are very common in the world of The Enemy. But over the time that the sickos have been getting smarter, attacks have become more common and more deadly than ever imagined. On this page are listed some of the major attacks and some of the smaller attacks that have happened over the course of the series.


Parking Lot Attack: This is an attack on the Waitrose supermarket at the beginning of The Enemy. No one is injured but Small Sam is captured and dragged off by the sickos.

Resort Attack: When Arran and a group of kids on a scavenger mission stumble upon a seemingly abandoned resort, they find a vending machine in the pool and decide to search it. The vending machine was a trap by the sickos and Deke was seriously injured due to a piece of glass in his lung. The sickos attack again and Deke is pulled underwater by sickos while Freak watches helplessly.

Squatter Camp Battle: This is an attack led by Achilleus and a group of the Palace Kids to negotiate peace with the Squatter camp. The Squatters refuse and a fight breaks out. Pod and his squad of the Palace Kids go around and knock down shacks and tents as the Holloway Crew dealt with Just John's troops. This fight resolves in Freak's death as he is stabbed by John who was down on the ground. After this fight, Achilleus challenges John to a one on one duel.


The "Fez" Attack: This attack takes place in the Fez where Ed, Jack and Bam are taking their group of kids from Rowhurst. A group of diseased teenagers attacks, resulting in many deaths of the Rugby players and other children. The group of kids is saved by a man named Greg who drives a school bus.

Bus attack: This attack takes place on the school bus that Greg drives. The kids realize that Greg killed his own son and decide to try to escape the bus. Greg snaps and goes ballistic on the kids, blaming them for his son Liam's death. Brooke smashes out the door in the back only to find sickos right outside of the bus. Ed tries to carry his unconscious friend Piers out of the bus but couldn't due to Kwanele abandoning him. Greg is believed dead on the bus as the kids make their way to the Imperial War Museum.

Tesco attack: When the kids find a Tesco truck full of food, Frederique the French girl is attacked by a group of sickos and is rescued by Aleisha and Courtney. Justin is forced to drive the Tesco truck since he is the only one with experience. The crew escapes with no casualties but makes a shocking discovery about Frederique.

The Oval Attack: Ed, Jack, and Bam on the road to find Jack's house stumble upon a sports stadium with trucks, ambulances, army cars, and dead people outside. The three find guns off of the soldiers and decide to travel into the stadium. What they find are piles and piles of dead bodies all throughout the stands and the field. To the boy's horror, they find out that most of the bodies are not quite dead and start to rise from their spots. The boys escape downstairs and onto the field where they have to climb over mounds of bodies. The boys see the group behind them and Jack opens fire with his newly found sub-machine gun striking a red barrel which triggers a chain reaction of explosions. Bam, dazed, thinks he sees a sicko moving towards him and lets off a round only to find that he had shot Jack. The boys barely escape the stadium with their lives, but Jack is badly injured.

The Oval Road Attack: After escaping the stadium, the three boys make their way down the road only to be ambushed by a waiting group of Sickos. Jack is set on the ground with a pistol and assists his friends in killing the group. Bam and Ed attack the group, Ed using a sword and Bam using his shotgun. The three destroy the group and Bam celebrates their victory. His victory is short-lived though, as Greg is found alive and puts a meat cleaver into the back of Bam's skull. Greg escapes the incident and is never seen since.

The Suburban Attack: After laying Jack to rest, Ed escapes on a bike after setting Jacks's house on fire, contributing to the raging fire in London. He happens upon a group of sickos and is quickly swamped with his bike and his gun. After helplessly shooting sickos, he seems that it is all over for him until a group of boys in red blazers attack the group of sickos and disperse them. At their head is David King, a character who will play a big role in the Battle of Lambeth Bridge.

Battle of Lambeth Bridge: The final battle in the book The Dead. Ed's crew leaves the Imperial War Museum because of the oncoming fire. However, countless other kids also leave the vicinity of the fire and decide to cross the River Thames via Lambeth Bridge. Ed's crew brings along the Tesco truck with them is afraid that a group of kids will get an idea about hijacking the vehicle. He assigns David's squad to escort the truck across the bridge. There is a traffic backup on the bridge which brings the truck and others to a halt. As they stop on the bridge, a huge horde of sickos emerge out of the fire and make way for the bridge. Ed sees the horde and realizes that they have to hold off this horde or the kids on the bridge will be doomed. Ed and Mad Matt rally a squad of kids and attack the horde head-on. Ed is joined by a boy - Kyle - on his right with a garden hoe and Aleisha on his left. The attack seems hopeless though, as a group of kids by a church garden are being hopelessly outnumbered. Ed decides to assist the group in the garden and realizes his mistake as they are surrounded by a group of sickos. It seems all hope is lost but an attack is forming at the back of the group. Jordan Hordern and the Imperial War Museum group are attacking the horde from the rear and make their way towards Ed. Meanwhile, on the bridge, David comes into contact with a group of kids messing around on the bridge. He tries to attain their help by intimidation by firing his rifle in the air. One kid denies his demands and David shoots the kid down which motivates the other kids to work. Ed and his crew have no way onto the bridge and have to take a boat docked on the River Thames. Matt says they should go to St. Paul's Cathedral but Jordan disagrees. Matt wrestles him for the wheel and eventually draws a pistol on Jordan. Down the river, Matt crashes into Waterloo Bridge and busts a hole in the side of the ship, pulling an injured Aleisha into the water. The crew clings on lifeboats as the ship sinks with Mad Matt on the top of the wheelhouse, holding his banner.


Alleyway Attack: DogNut and his group of soldiers are trapped down an alleyway as a group of sickos known as the Gym Bunnies attack. DogNut's crew fights back but is backed into a corner as the Gym Bunnies go in for the kill. The crew is saved by Ryan Aherne and his hunters who attack the group from the rear. The lead mother of the Gym Bunnies managed to get a knife off of Marco though and the Gym Bunnies escape into the night.

The Collector's House: After being chased into a mysterious house by a group of sickos, the crew comes across The Collector, a fat sicko who collects and eats children (toys) Courtney tries to stab the Collector but has no such luck. The crew decides to run upstairs and barricade themselves in a room that contains a balcony outside. The crew forms a plan to escape The Collector by letting him in the room and running past him unscathed. The youngest member of the group, Olivia, doesn't hear the plan and is left behind to the mercy of The Collector. In a desperate chance to escape she jumps of the balcony and plummets to her death on the garden floor.

The Collector's House Part Two: After escaping the Collector's house, the crew makes it to the Natural History Museum and meet up with Brooke and Justin. The crew tells of The Collector and decide to form a hunting party to find Olivia and take down The Collector himself. The crew is joined by the Hunters and arrive at the Collector's house. DogNut and three other kids awaken The Collector in the basement and lure The Collector outside. The Collector does not come outside but is eventually flushed out by Marco and Felix's ambush in the kitchen. The group of kids lay into The Collector with intense futurity and the fat sicko goes down to be stabbed in the brain by Jackson, the museum's best fighter.

King's Cross Station Attack: Jester, Tom, Kate, Alfie, and Shadowman set out from Buckingham Palace to find new settlements of kids. On the journey, the group is attacked by a group of sickos, and Shadowman is knocked out by Jester due to a bad swing of Shadowman's club. The group leaves Shadowman behind because there were too many sickos.

Tom and Kate's attack: Shadowman, who survives the attack at King's Cross, sits and watches out an apartment window as a group of sickos who later become known as The Fear attack a building across the street. The door is bashed in the sickos advance inside and pull out the occupants inside. Shadowman finds out that the two occupants are Tom and Kate and witnesses the sickos kill and eat the two. Because of this attack, Shadowman began to realize that the sickos are getting more organized.

The Gym Bunnies Attack: When DogNut and his crew leave the Natural History Museum, they are attacked by the Gym Bunnies down the road and hopelessly outnumbered by the fit, stronger sickos. Robbie, the head of the Museum security is injured and is carried away by Jackson. Felix is swiped across the face by the lead mother's knife and is torn at by the sickos. Marco jumps on top of Felix and both of them are torn apart by the Gym Bunnies. Courtney pulls Brooke to safety but falls over and cracks her skull on the sidewalk and gets torn apart by the sickos. Brooke and DogNut are the only two left and are saved by a group of fighters who later become known as the Holloway Crew. DogNut is later left behind because he died saving Brooke's life and Brooke is carried on a stretcher to Buckingham Palace. This is the last attack of The Fear.


Tish's Rescue: Ed and his group of soldiers at the tower go and investigate yelling coming from the no-go zone. They find an office building with a group of about thirty sickos trying to get inside. Ed and his group see a yelling girl coming from the top window. Ed and his crew make their way inside the office building and accidentally kill a girl named Louise who traveled across the no-go zone with the girl known as Tish. The group rescues Tish and make their way back to the Tower of London.

Saif's Hopeless Attack: Saif, the leader of the group of kids at an IKEA store forms a lynch mob in order to rid London of all sickos. Saif's crew comes upon a group of the Fear and slaughter them with ease. These were the weakest of the Fear and the group was quickly surrounded and slaughtered as a helpless Shadowman watches from a construction crane.

St. Paul's attack: At St. Paul's Cathedral, the defensive wall is broken by the sickos on the outside and the residents of St. Paul's are forced to retreat into the Cathedral as kids outside are slaughtered by the sickos.

The Wobbly Bridge: After escaping St. Paul's, Ed and his crew are pursued by a group of sickos. They make it to the Wobbly Bridge and Tish and Brendan decide to hold off the sickos while Ed and his crew escape. The two are killed on the bridge as Ed and his crew makes it to safety. 

Shadowman's rescue: This is the final confrontation as Ed and his crew save Shadowman from Bluetooth and his group of sickos.

THE FALLEN (please add)

The Church: A bunch of people is sent from the museum to Heathrow Airport for medical supplies. After a series of events, it is decided that a few people will stay at a church and the rest go on to Heathrow. At the church four people go outside, only to be attacked by sickos. They yell to be let back inside, but when they are let back in the sickos also come in. Only two of the nine people survive the initial attack, Lettis and Daryl climb into a tower, where they lock the door and spend hours trying to ignore the horrifying sound of the sickos clawing at the door. Eventually, they stop and Daryl goes out the door, but he is mercilessly slaughtered by a sicko. Afterwards Blue, Ollie, Achilles, and others come back to the church with supplies, kill the sickos, only to realize that Lettis is still alive in the tower. After a dramatic rescue, they head off again, back to the museum.