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Arran is a character from the Enemy. He was the leader of the Holloway kids, who were holed up in a Waitrose store. He is considered a good leader, and a good fighter. His weapon of choice is a pick ax handle.

Before the sickness Arran was a good athlete and captain of his schools football team. He doesn't admit it, but he was a mother's boy, and throughout the Enemy has memories of her.


Arran is a good leader, and is determined to help his friends in whatever way he can, no matter the risk to himself. Despite the fact he looks strong and brave on the outside, inside he is terrified. He cannot help but insufficient as he keeps on losing people, and he resents how everyone relies on him to do the right thing and make the tough calls. He feels a tremendous amount of pressure to the point he wishes he wasn't in charge. It is only the fact he doesn't have a choice that he carries on.

He has feelings for Maxie, but doesn't say anything because he doesn't want her to reject him. It is both sad and ironic that Maxie shares these feelings, but does not express them for the same reasons Arran doesn't. He trusts Maxie more than anyone, and puts her in charge when he's not around. 


Arran is described as having blonde hair and blue eyes, and is around fourteen years old. After being bitten by a grown up he becomes ill, being described as covered in a thin sweat and acting clumsily.