Andy Thomas

Andy Thomas, aka Big Nose is one of the red uniformed kids. He earns his name for his big nose. He is revealed to be quite friendly, if a little grumpy and dislikes his job and David, but prefers it to the blandness of gardening.

During The Enemy he is assigned with Spotty to guard the entrance to the infirmary with Brooke, Blue, and Maxie inside. He and Spotty are outmatched by Akkie and Ollie leading to the Holloway kids' escape. He leaves with the Holloway crew the night that they escape from Buckingham Palace and travels with them to the Natural History Museum. He seems to know about passages in the Bible since he is able to name Wormwood as the poison star in The End. Andy also begins to believe in Mad Matt's religion about the lamb. He gets convinced that the lamb will save him but during the final battle he gets stabbed by a chunk of fence and dies.

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