Alfie Walker was a boy who lived in Buckingham Palace. At the age of about thirteen, he went on Jester's expedition to find kids in north London, where he was killed. 

Biography Edit

Early days of the disease Edit

When the disease first struck, Alfie lived alone on the streets before grouping up with some other kids. They eventually made it to Buckingham Palace, where he lived for the next year.

Jester's expedition Edit

David persuaded him to go by promising extra food and special privileges. At the beginning of the journey, Alfie entertained the group by singing old disco songs, but stopped when they reached unknown territory past Euston station. 

At Euston, they encountered a group of 20 sickos, and had to run until they reached King's Cross. Here, they were ambushed by more sickos, and forced down onto the tracks. They soon came to a tunnel which they refused to enter, so turned around to face the sickos. In the fighting, the group was separated; Alfie managed to make it away with Jester

After a failed search for Tom and Kate, Alfie and Jester made it to a first-floor flat on Caledonian Road, where they found some food and holed up for the night. In the evening, a gang of sickos caught their scent and broke into the building. They began to smash their way through the door, so Jester told Alfie to hold it closed while he found some chairs to block it. Jester then went off again to find another exit for them to use. 

Abandonment and death Edit

Alfie waited for a long time before the sickos began to break through. He ran through the house, only to find that Jester had abandoned him by escaping through the kitchen window. Alfie dropped his knife onto the roof below, and climbed out the window. He hung from the ledge, lacking the courage to let go, until a grown-up hit his hand with a weapon, severing his fingers. He landed badly, and forgot to grab his knife as he jumped off the roof into the garden.  

He hobbled down the alleyway and onto the main road, but soon realised that his hand was injured. Alfie ran into a side street and kicked open the door of a house, which was being used by sickos as a den. They grabbed him and he tried to fight back with his good hand, but he was soon overwhelmed and they tore his throat open, killing him. 

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